November 1, 2010

Mini Birthday Vaca

On Friday the 22nd we drove up to visit my SIL in Canada.
JB decided we would drive straight through without stopping except for gas and maybe a bathroom break.
It was my birthday - I was less than impressed.

Saturday we did some shopping - I got about 4 new turtlenecks, a couple of t-shirts
some jeans and a pair of green cardis.
I also did a fair amount of knitting.

On Sunday we loaded into SIL's car and drove around to the wineries.
The Vernon/Kelona area is becomimg more and more known for their wines.
I don't drink wine - so I walked about with the camera and knit.

Me, JB, SIL.
Why do I thrust my hips forward when I stand up?
I swear I am not nearly as barrel chested as I look.  Ick!

Monday was JB's birthday and after stopping for a lovely breakfast
we drove straight home.
It was snowing in the pass - we drove the sportscar, not the SUV.
But other than a bit of slipping and sliding it was an uneventful trip.

All photos - except the one I'm in - were taken by me.
Next - I have some finished socks (lots of them again).
Birthday pressents and maybe, maybe some sewing to share.


  1. Hey, my reaction was that you are looking pretty good in that picture. But that's just my opinion. Looks like a good weekend, other than the minor slipping and sliding.

  2. I'm with Marjie. I thought you looked great! Pretty photos.

  3. Sounds like a nice trip. It's good to get away together sort of spur of the moment. Happy double birthdays.

  4. Great photos and you look great! I think you should try the wine though... :)

  5. Happy belated birthday! I think you look great - stop being so hard on yourself! :)

  6. I think it's a great photo too! :)

    Other than the drive straight through it sounds like a nice time.

  7. Very picturesque (that includes you as well ;).

  8. Kiddo I've had worse birthdays - LOL At least JB got a nice breakfast before the death march began :)

    I thrust my hips out too. I think it's the desire to look posed... You look cute and what a nice mini (very) vacation!

  9. Great pictures! I would have enjoyed the winery. And I think you look just fine in the pic. :)


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