November 9, 2010

Patterns and more

Last month Mary showed some great vintage patterns on her blog.  And then - then - she offered to give them away (Mary - I think I owe you postage!).  While we were away last month a box arrived at my door.

I was amazed at how many patterns were shoved into that flat rate box.  The practically burst out when I opened it.

Really lovely, vintage patterns.  However after last weekend of sewing - I'm not sure why I would ever try a pattern other than what I know already fids.  But looks at this one - McCalls 7015.  I adore it.  I think I can take a page from Carolyn's book and just overlay my TNT a-line skirt pattern (Simp.
5914) and use the parts that fit from my TNT and incorporate the design lines from this stunning pattern and end up with a winner.  Right?  Right?

Also in the box was 9 balls of the lovely Lang Golf cotton in a lovely sunflower yellow.  There is 125 meters in each ball.  That should be enough to make a lovely little summer cardi for next year - dontcha think?

Mary said she was sending yarn because she was sure my stash must be dwindling with the all the knitting I've been doing lately.  Mary - JB spewed water all over the kitchen when I read that!  He said - Thanks for nothing!   But it's okay - I love it all.  Thank you.


  1. I would have liked to have seen JB spew!!! :) Stash is just preparation for retirement when we can't buy fabric/yarn/notions like mad fiends! At least that is my rationalization this week! No worries on the was my pleasure and you freed up some room in my stash!

  2. What a lovely package! How sweet of her to send you that yarn. It does kinda' say gMarie to me... what pattern?

  3. Isn't it fun looking thru old patterns. Your mind works overtime thinking of ways to update them. I think I'll spend an afternoon with my patterns.

  4. What a lovely surprise... and COOL vintage stuff!

  5. *LOL* at JB's reaction! And of course laying your TNT over the "new" vintage patterns will work...and save you alot of grief too!

  6. I'm with Sewfast - I'd've liked to see JB spew, too. That is a very pretty color; it will make a wonderful summer cardi! What a nice box of patterns. Mary was very thoughtful in her box.


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