November 16, 2010

Temporary Space

So Saturday I got home from my sewing guild meeting to find JB in the basement laying the new floor.  What?  Umm, the floor isn't suppose to go in until next Spring - we talked about that - we agreed, I wasn't prepared.  I had sewing to do! 

So - what's a girl to do?  Well - Saturday I worked on the serendipity skirt.  Then later after JB was busy with his poker peeps - I started sorting and organizing what would have to be relocated to the temporary 'studio'. 

That would be my sewing machine on the dining room table, along with a cutting mat, and a bunch of pre-cut bags.  There is my little caddy loaded down with tools - I keep it filled because it's easier than empting and refilling but it's really convenient for going to retreats and for relocating in the house.  You can see my serger on the floor under the ironing board.  The serger does have a cover on it and it's living on the dining room table to keep dog slober off it for now.  I got a log of bag production done yesterday.  Now to get back to it.

Tomorrow I'll share the new floor - it's stunning!


  1. You're adaptable and a good sport. I'd be spitting fire! What a good Girl Scout, all ready to roll upstairs when necessary.

  2. I know you were't ready, but if JB is anything like Tom, you gotta just let them go when they have the inertia and better sooner than later (I had sub-flooring in the living room for almost a year) Can't wait to see your new flooring!

  3. As long as the serger has been slobber-proofed, it all works. It was years and more years before I had an actual table to hold my sewing machines, and although they've had to be moved for minor changes to the room, it's been good. At least you don't have a whole herd of idiots bellowing at you about using the dining room table (my dining room table doubles as a cutting table, BTW, and people get very irked when I just pile fabric ready for the next project, and the next....)

    At least when JB got this wild hair, he put it to good use, right?

  4. The kitchen table still does duty for cutting fabric and many crafty projects. The new sewing machine came with a sewing desk. That'll take some getting used to.

  5. Men! LOL

    But look what you'll get in the end ;).

  6. Sounds like something my hubster would do. /sigh/ Best way for me to get him to do something different is for both of us to agree to do it a certain way. ; )

    Can't wait to see the bags you have coming!


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