November 19, 2010

Keeping the Cowboy Warm

Cold Cowboy!

Some time ago IrishGirlieKnits contacted me about doing another test knit. This is the 3rd one I’ve done for her and I must say – her patterns are stunning! They are well written and produce a fabulous knitted garment. And while you all know that I’ve mostly outgrown the scarf stage and have moved into sock stage with no moving in sight, I did agree to test knit this little one skein scarf.

The yarn is creamy by Kollage and they sent me the yarn. This is the first time I’ve even done a test knit where I had to mail my finished product off. However, the lovely folks at Kollage sent me two hanks of creamy – one for the sample and one to keep. (If you went to Stitches East you didn’t see me, but you might have seen my knitting. It was there!)

Anyway – I first wound the ‘dreamsicle’ color and knit it. This little le Petit Pont is a speedy knit. I think it took me 3 days. The blocking is lovely with the ‘points’ pulled out on the sides as well as on the ends. I believe I over blocked both scarves, so when you knit this – just block it lightly. While I was waiting to hear if I should block it (turns out maybe I should have left it for the pros) I started the lavender version.

Then I decided that while I adore the pattern, neither really matches my wardrobe – so I would send them both on. I am the strange breed of knitter who loves to knit and could never have a finished project to show for it because I have gifted them all away. The exception to this is people ‘asking’ me to knit for them. But I digress.

 Once they both were knit and blocked I decided I really should take some glamour shots and my cowboy was lookin’ cold. So – there you have it! Wow! Wordy post for such little shawls.


  1. I expected to see Lucy modeling these. It's a cute, light little scarf. Now back to the socks.

  2. I can't believe you made the cowboy wear mauve - because dreamsicle orange is so much more manly?? - but the scarves are lovely!

  3. That is a really pretty pattern! I'm with Sue. Was Lucy not available?

  4. That is so beautiful! Gah. I need to learn to knit. In all that spare time I have. ;)

  5. This only took 3 days to knit!!! I'm astonished ~ it looks like such a lot of work went into it.

    It's so pretty I can't believe you didn't keep one! But as you say, your knits are getting out and about and you are vicariously enjoying fiber events :)

  6. Those are both gorgeous! Off to put that pattern in my faves. :)

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