November 18, 2010


As usual, I'm thankful for the little things that we take for granted
 - health, family, loving spouse -
but there are a few others this week.

  • Fantastic vets - no matter who we see at our clinic, they know us and they know and enjoy our dogs.
  • Being DIYs.  The new floor is lovely.
  • Spending holidays with good friends.
  • The local "we'll wash your dog place".  This morning I scheduled the 3 stinky hounds for baths on Saturday.  It's $35 each, but since I can't manage to get it done - well worth it.
  • Friends who support my crafts pursuits and push me when I think I can't.
  • Learning that I am capable.
  • clothes that fit!
  • The sights of the holidays - I love the decorations and the sparkling trees.


  1. Life is good. Dog washers are better.

  2. So many things to be thankful for and a great list :)

  3. What a lot to be thankful for! I see that your doggies figure prominently in the scheme of things - LOL

  4. Lovely list! My girls might get a bath tomorrow or Sunday, while it's warm again.


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