November 5, 2010

TTL Mystery

I am a sock knitter.  I want to knit other things, but so rarely do.  But it's okay - I love knitting socks, I love gifting handknit socks, and I really love wearing handknit socks.
So - when TTL (Through the Loops) offered her mystery sock pattern for Socktober - I knew I had to knit it.  I was very good and managed to get each clue done the week it was released.  I knit my socks with my favorite method - 2 at a time, magic looping.  And they were done in the month.
While we were driving around on the birthday trip I was finally able to finish the 4th clue - the gusset decreases and foot.  So - when they were tasting wine and I was wandering the grounds of the beautiful Quail's Gate (careful it has music - sorry) I knew I had to get JB to snap some photos of my finished clue 4.

The little house was perfect - in an very Alice in Wonderland Way.  The sock on my other foot is my Pink Dalmation Charade - which has been done for years.  But my new maryjanes are perfect for showing off handknit socks and walking around all day - win/win!!


  1. That would make a great dog house for my gang.

  2. The little house is very cute. My girls would love it. Unlike Sue's pack, Thor would not think it a good dog house, because everyone knows dog houses need humans in them!

  3. How fun!! Very cute pictures! ;)

  4. Cute photos, and I do covet your sock mojo...

    My girls have a dog house. I'm not sure they know what it is. Fred "busted" through the back side of it years ago, and we've never fixed it, because as Marjie kinda' said, their dog house is ours.


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