November 11, 2010

Dear Sweet Dudley Boy

My friend R made this necklace as a combo birthday / condolence gift.
It's my Sweet Dudley Boy as the angel he always was.
The head is just spot on Dudley Dog.
I love it - Thanks R.


  1. That's very nice, a good way to have him with you always.

  2. How perfect and lovely! Sweet Dudders indeed... sniff, sniff...

  3. Beautiful...... and what an amazing piece to have! Hugs!

  4. It does look like dear Dudley. What a nice gift.

  5. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift! You have wonderful friends. P.S. Love the yarns in the previous post!

  6. Such a beautiful gift. You are blessed to have such devoted friends and such weonderful memories of a loyal companion.


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