November 10, 2010

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

I have lots of friends.  Thankfully they all get the 'yarn' thing.

This lovely purple Alchemey Sock Yarn is from The Princess.  (I'd link to her, but she's busy going to school full time, work full time and apparently updating her blog is not a priority!)

This yarn has already told me that it wants to be a variation of the Uncle Frank socks that I just finished - even though it came with Cookie A's book.

Next - S. who works at GY bought me a lovely hank of the Kollage Sock-a-Licious.  She actually let me pick my yarn because she couldn't decide what I'd want - but really - I just love sock yarn.  I love knitting socks.  So it doesn't really matter to me because if it's not a color that I love, I'll still enjoy the process and then I'll gift them - so double the gift.

Finally - last week I got a box from BubblesKnits.  With more sock yarn.  Sadly - Bubbles has decided to close her etsy store where she was selling her lovely hand-dyed yarns.  I've traded for her yarn, I've bought it and I've bene gifted her sock yarn.  I don't know what she named these colors as they came without labels, but I know that I will love knitting with them and I'm pretty sure - none of these socks will be gifted. 


  1. Real friends get the yarn thing and the fabric stash and other little quirks. They enable and some even actively contribute.

  2. Real friends don't let friends drive without textiles. And we're happiest when our friends get new wonders for their collections!

  3. Have fun! So much happiness on the way is wound up in a simple ball of wool.


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