November 8, 2010

Double Arg!!

Apparently - I'm new to sewing.  At least that's how it feels some days.  I'll share my later, but suffice it to say that finally (yes finally!) I got it through my thick head that I only need extra room at the fullest part of my hip.  But - and apparently this was news to me - NOT at my waist.  DOH!!

Now that I've managed to get past that - and tell you all - wanna share what your biggest sewing doh was?  I have an extra issue of the October 2010 Burda Style that I'm willing to send to somebody who shares a really funny one! 


  1. How about the really cute dress I made out of what looked like a sweater knit, but didn't have enough stretch to fit my bust, so my daughter got a beautiful princess seamed dress? I've messed up about 4 million skirts because I've refused to admit that my waistline just ain't what it used to be, or else because I feel like I'm having a fat day, and the skirt ends up looking like it should fit an opera singer. But I didn't make any skirts this weekend, so I didn't make any messes!

  2. My sister bought some lovely fabric for a swimsuit. It was a cute pattern and went together easily. The finished suit looked wonderful, BUT it wasn't swimsuit material and only stretched one way. When she tried it on, it wouldn't go past her knees. We really laughed over that one.

    Or how about when I sewed thru my finger. Lesson- you have to move your fingers out of the way-DUH!

  3. I still wish I could sew... but then again, with my lack of time to knit, it wouldn't matter..... lol

  4. Well... there was the time I ended up with an extra pattern piece, couldn't figure out where it was supposed to have gone and thought it must not be necessary.
    Until I realized that the upper collar looked funny, and would always look funny, because I had folded it over instead of sewing in the under collar.
    They include all those pieces for a reason.

  5. I had a traumatic event in high school home economic class. I've not sewn since....

  6. I kitchener. I've not had a disaster... unless you count that I can't even make my machine do a seam, but don't enter me in the contest!


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