October 28, 2010

Guest Dog

I know nothing about this boy.
His mama had a very thick accent
I know he was on the hunt to chase deer out of his vineyard.
He was adorable!


  1. What a dapper fellow! I'm such a sucker for a JRT... Love that natural tail!

  2. It's good that he's protecting his turf. Who cares if the deer are larger than he is?

  3. Love him! Size really doesn't matter when you're a fierce JRT, or a pom for that matter! Jo chased a buck out of the yard in Lapine. I think the deer was freaked out because he had no clue what the fuzzy little yapper was!

  4. You didn't get photos of the Porties? Shame on you. I bet they weren't as cute as my group.

  5. For a second I thought Gretchen Greer was visiting...LOL


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