November 15, 2010

Beignet Revealed

What was I doing?

Long ago I started working on the Beignet Skirt with a little help from my neighbor A. We got the fit fine tuned, and I cut it out of this really old denim that has a tiny floral print. (I’m pretty sure this denim has been around since TMO and the Princess were little.) Yea - it's too cutesy to wear all the time, but I wanted to try it out. The only change I made to A’s alterations was to add 2" to the length, because otherwise it wasn't really long enough for me.

So Friday I pulled it on with a sweater and my boots. It amazes me that I've been sewing for so long and yet - I still don't know what size I am. Apparently yoga will change your body, even though I haven't been doing it for long and I'm not very consistent at this point.

Back Pulled in.

Anyway - even with help, this skirt is too big. One thing that has finally been beaten into my hard head is that I look better if my clothes fit! Now I'm not talking skin tight - but 2" of ease at my waist is not a good look for me. I find that I push my stomach out when I'm standing in an effort to help keep my skirts up. Not sure why - they aren't going to slip past my hips any time soon! But - still.

In the second photo - the one on the right - I have pulled all the extra to the back of the skirt and it looks so much better! I have a lovely piece of brown brushed cotton and 12 perfect buttons - so I'll make it one more time. I love the shape, the buttons didn't gape, it was comfortable. I'll take 2" out of the front only including the sides seams - because the back fits perfectly!

However - this version - is now going in the good will pile. I won't even take the 12 buttons off it first!


  1. LOVE that fabric, but I totally understand that you're DONE with that skirt. I think v.2 will be awesome!

  2. I like the lines of that skirt. It will be nice in brown. 12 buttons! and 12 buttonholes! Argh!

  3. I've always liked skirts that button down the front. I also like wrap skirts and you don't have to worry so much about fit. It'll be cute in brown, though I like the blue version.

  4. This looks really cute on you! I like my Beignet too. I need to make it in a fall fabric now.

  5. It's a very cute design and I love the pattern - particularly for this time of year. Are you sure a few strategically placed safety pins won't work? I'm always having to do that because it's hard to find skirts that fit my waist.

    Love the boots ~ are they new? I'm still looking for a pair and might get some wet weather/rough wear ones for rainy days.


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