August 11, 2007

Thank You and P.S.

I was just reading The Princess' blog and I want to thank my readers for going over and checking her out. Nicole it means a lot to me that we have knitting and dogs in common - I feel like you are sorta 'looking out' for her. Blogless Jessica - I know how you can so relate to her feelings of being removed from home. Cass, I know you can relate to the feelings I have with her moving - being such a great mom yourself. Okay - it's time to get this back to a sewing/knitting blog. Today I have an ASG meeting. Last night I cast on for 2 toe up socks on one super long (40") US Size 0 circular needle. I found as I started the process that I was knitting super tight. My shoulders were up and I was forgetting to breathe! I was finally able to relax and I'm almost at the end of the toe shaping and about to start a pattern across the foot. I'm just doing a simple 2x2 rib from the Summer Issue of Interweave. I'm making socks for JB - but as Camilla says - this way I will only need to make 2 socks for a pair! I'll post pictures soon. P.S. - Yesterday when I was in the LYS getting needles, some new sock yarn (because nothing I have already would work for JB) and a new book - I heard the strangest conversation among the woman sitting at the knitting table. They were discussing her current bladder infection (quite loudly) and telling all sorts of gorey details that I didn't need to hear. Meanwhile, I'm shopping, trying to mind my own business and feeling like some sort of really stange voyer. It was very uncomfortable for me - if not for them. So, I would just ask - please be careful what you discuss while sitting at the knitting table. ;}


  1. My pleasure! If I can help her out with any New England tips, I certainly will! :)
    Yikes... not the conversation I'd want to walk in on at my LYS either. :/

  2. PS - I agree, its so nice to find fellow friends with both knitting AND dogs in common! :) Not to mention fun ones too, lol. I added your blog to my sidebar list of faves this week ... knitting+dogs+fun person+lovely lady = my fave blogs, lol! =}

  3. hmmm, thinking back to my LYS in SoCal, we talked about some pretty odd stuff. Nothing too gross though, i hope!!! Don't you find that knitting with a group though brings out the oddest conversations?

    Doesn't JB like the pink/red/whatever colored sockyarn i sent you????? ;o)

  4. I know that we try to keep those convos. to knit night where everyone there knows each other and knows that all topics are free game. LOL Yeah I don't need strangers knowing about my personal problems.


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