August 2, 2007

Etiquette Question

So, I have a question for you all and I think it involves etiquette. Some time ago I received a great box of goodies from my dear friend Jessica. Jessica is a knitter, she has 2 fabulous dogs and lives (for the time being - thanks Army) in Kansas. Anyway - back to my question. One of the things in this box was 2 hanks of Koigu KPPPM in a fabulous red colorway. I love this yarn. However, for me, part of the joy (actually - all of it) is in the knitting. I really don't mind knitting something almost to completion and then ripping it back because there is an error or it's too big or two small - whatever. Doesn't bother me. I love the feel of the yarn moving through my fingers. The way the needles feel in my hands. The rhythmic sound the needles make as I'm knitting. Working out a pattern. Whatever - I enjoy the process. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing a fabulous handknit. I'm still not completely sold on handknit socks, but I'm trying it again. Anyway - here's the question - finally. Would it be bad manners to make socks for Jessica out of the great Koigu that she sent? What do you all think?


  1. I've seen others pose a similar question and it would appear there are mixed opinions but I think most people share mine. I would consider it very special to receive something that someone made for me from "raw materials" I gave them. Heck, just receiving a hand crafted item is special but she must already like the yarn so it will be doubly special!

  2. I'm with Bonnie on this one. Kind of the ultimate "I was thinking of you when I made this" gift.

  3. I don't think that it's bad manners. In fact, I participated in a 'swap' this year with someone who knits. I sent her some pretty pink yarn in with her package and a few weeks back she sent me a little something she made for me out of it. I thought it was very sweet!

  4. I agree with the others - she obviously liked the yarn enough to buy it, and if she wears handknit socks, she'll love them too. I'm also a process knitter, giving away many of my projects. When the project is done, I'm done with it ;-) Except for socks - those I keep for myself!

  5. Oh I think that is a great idea and I think she will love them
    My sister sent me some yarn for Christmas last year and I made her a pair of socks out it and sent them to her for her Birthday. She loved it!
    I too am a process knitter and it drives my familt crazy when I will inravel something I have been working on, or completely take apart something I finished.
    But I enjoy the yarn and learning different patterns and things.

  6. i see no problem with knitting socks for jessica. as the other said....she liked the yarn enough to buy it.

    ...but if it really bothers you, i would always take a pair handknit socks. (just teasing) one day, i need to learn how to knit my own socks.

  7. Not bad manners at all... I've seen other knitting friends do the same... one gifts some fiber or yarn to the other and then months or maybe a year later, viola... here's something for you from the fiber or yarn. Kinda cool actually.

  8. What a lovely gift for your friend!

    If you are unsure, it would be wonderful for the Red Scarf Project!!


  9. Gaylen Marie, I want you to go get checked out at the nearest hopsital, I think you may have had a stroke, darlin'... oh, my eyes, I can't believe she made me read that question... (insert a breathless "I'm comin' Elizabeth" here. The Red Fox thing just popped into my head. it's late here...) *wink* Cami


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