August 6, 2007

The Princess Saga Continues

I have lots to blog about, but I thought I'd start with this. The finished comforter cover designed by The Princess and mostly sewn by mom. It seams appropriate to talk about this today as this morning I put The Princess on a plane (well as much as you can put anyone on a plane these days) to Connecticut. I am sad :{ But this is a great move for her and she will have the comforter to give her comfort, remind her of a project with mom and keep her warm when it gets cold this winter. ETA: The Princess is moving to Connecticut to be a full-time, live-in Nanny. She decided after living in an apartment with her once best girlfriends for a year, living the swinging single life, working 3 jobs and dog-sitting to pay her rent and not really being able to focus on school that she wanted more from her life. This is a great opportunity for her - I'm just sad she's moving so far away because she is the baby. Because she took the finished photos you can't see the boo-boo that I made. The front is the patchwork that she not only designed and sewed by herself, but she also used it for a presentation she gave to our ASG group on color. I think it came out great. There really aren't any colors that jump out of the center at you, they just sort of blend together. Anyway the sides and bottom of the front are a rich chocolate brown - two different textured fabrics. The back is the red/orange stripe shown above, where she has folded the back over the front of the quilt. She was being too lazy to turn the comforter over and remake the bed! KIDS!!

Anyway, she didn't purchase enough of the stripe to cut 2 pieces and them seam them together so the stripes ran the length of the comforter, so in the center panel, the stripes run the length. The sides run the width. I very carefully basted the side panels together so you couldn't tell where we had to piece them to get enough length. Then, when I was serging the seam allowances - I managed to get a piece of the side under the knife and cut a slit about a 3/8" long! I was so mad! She never would have seen it, but when she was sewing the snaps on the top to close it she thought she saw a piece of Velcro and asked me what it was for. I had to fess up. What she saw was the piece of interfacing I put on the inside to the keep the fabric from ravelling away. She's very happy with the finished project and hopefully it will look good in her new room in Connecticut.


  1. Oh no, she didn't leave for college - she left for a job. She's now a full-time, live-in nanny to 2 kids. She'll be taking college classes, but not full time. g

  2. I made a blog and then found yours!! haha! Thanks for the comforter! I love love love it!


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