August 24, 2007

Tag! I was it.

I have been playing Dish Rag Tag and anxiously awaiting my turn to get the box. I knew that I had been tagged and that the box had been mailed from Vicki in Wisconsin on Monday. With that in mind, on Wednesday, I took the extra time to drive by the house on my way to knitting. This is what was on my front porch (how do you like the new color of my front door?). Can you see it? That box is really little.
I slammed my poor car into park, ran and got the box, gave the dogs a cookie (feeling bad for leaving them home again) and jumped back into the car. I was so excited that I opened the box at red lights dumping the contents into my lap - there was a new Chibi, some chocolates, one of Cara's fabulous cards, some gum, a great purple dishrag, and 2 new skeins of kitchen cotton. One variegated yellows - the other white.
The rules of this particular game are very easy. You have to wait for the box to arrive. You get to keep everything in the box (except the instructions card). With one of the skeins of kitchen cotton in your box, you knit a new dishcloth as fast as you can. Repack the box with the dishcloth you just knit, some little treasures and mail it to the next member of your team.
One final pictures of what was left from my box after my Wednesday night knitting. There is a tiny bit of the yellow cotton left. I shared the chocolates with my table of knitting ladies on Wednesday and started my dishcloth. They kicked us out around 8:00. I wasn't sure I was going to get my cloth done. I knew I had a busy Thursday and I didn't want to hold my team up. So when I got home, I stayed up until 11:00 p.m. (Okay - I know, but it's late for me!) finishing my super cute yellow sweater vest dishcloth. I should have taken a better photo, the sides are seed stitched, there is a cable and a center stockinette section. You then have to pick up and knit ribbing for the armholes and neckband. I made a change to the neckband by picking up a few extra stitches and then decreasing right at the "V." I'm very happy with this dishcloth - I may need to make a few for myself.
Thursday morning, instead of reading blogs, updating mine, knitting, sewing or any one of the various other things I do before work to waste time - I gathered the goodies for Holly and made a set of stitch markers. I love making these stupid things - I would love to hear from people who have received them how they work. As many sets as I've made - I don't have any!
Cass this final picture is for you. Remember how we were talking about the plastic daisy things that you use to start winding balls - well I finally found some (thanks to the magic of the Internet) and I included on in my box. The last things to go in were not photographed - that was some candy :) Happy Knitting Holly - the box was shipped on Thursday at 11:30. So - all in all, not bad. I picked the box up at 5:30 and shipped it at 11:30 the next day. I'm pleased!
In other news - I think was may have convinced one of my other blog-free friends D into starting a blog - if the name "A Bitch in Time" is available. I hope so, because it's perfect for her!


  1. Love your dishcloth!! I'm so happy that you got the box on Wednesday. I've been worryin' about that silly little box.
    ; )

  2. That dish cloth that you made is adorable!!! Where did you find the pattern?

    Sounds like you all are having a great time with this.

  3. Hey! Bitch, yourself!

  4. Yea D - I finally got you to comment!!!

    Tonia - send me an email with your snail mail addy, Please.


  5. I LOVE the dishcloth! So cute! So cute I don't want to mess it up a bit by using it. Thanks for all the other wonderful goodies!

  6. LOVE the dishcloth - so unusual too! Will you share the pattern?


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