August 16, 2007

As Promised! Pictures!

First - here's my finally finished top. I added sleeves to this one. I also cut all the seam allowances off the front and neck edges. I applied the interfacing directly to the garment pieces. Not sure how this will work in the long run, but seams to be okay for now. Then I bound all the edges with double fold bias tape that matched. I also added bias tape to the waist band seams. Finally I covered buttons with unfolded bias tape, made buttonholes and finally I have a finished top! I think this will work great with my brown capris.
Next, I have not created by me crafty item to show. Last weekend JB and I went to the Taste of Edmonds. This is a local arts/food festival. This year we met this amazing woman who makes incredible sculptures from Stainless Steele. JB feel in love with Hank the Heron and he came to live with us. I'll try to get a better photo during daylight, but this piece is incredible.
Yesterday was the opening of Camilla's yarn store. I took a little break, picked up the phone and called her! She was really nice, she had customers and knitters and everything. I'm sure she'll blog about it soon. Anyway, we were talking about my toe-up socks - she hit the nail on the head with why I'm not liking these. I feel like I'm not getting anywhere. Granted I'm making both socks at the same time, but still, I knit and knit and they don't get any bigger. It doesn't help that I'm knitting on Zeros, but still. I'll keep plugging along. I asked the Toe-Up experts at Knit Night yesterday about the bulk in my cast on (I really was tense, when I started them). Consensus was don't rip them, the socks will wear just fine and they are for JB after all.
Because I couldn't just pick something up for JB, when I bought the yarn for the test socks, I also picked up this fabulous green Smooshy in Good Luck Jade. I'm thinking some lacy socks. I don't know who they will be for, but they will be green and lacy. Someday. I'm really hoping that I will grow to love wearing handknit socks, but I'm still reserving judgment.
Last night, these two hanks of Shibui Knits followed me home. They don't have a color name, but they are browns, burgundy, cream and gold. I have enough for a pair of socks. According to the girls at Great Yarns this is comparable to Koigu, but costs just a little bit less. This will be fun to make into socks.
Finally, this beautiful hand dyed sock yarn from Page Wood Farm followed me home. The color is Sorbet, there is 450 yards per hank for a measly $17. Yes, handknit socks are made for love, not for how inexpensive they are!!!
The last bit of great news is that while I didn't actually do any knitting last night (I did some drinking and some ripping) most of my UFO are easily completable. The teal cotton sweater, just needs to be steamed. It also needs a little crochet or sewing action to make the picot edge behave. So - that will get done soon. The lime green sweater, needs a quick pick up cast off edging, some steaming, ruching added (everyone agreed) - finished! Again will get done soon.
The Raspberry Chocolate shell got ripped back to the armholes. The neckline looked awful. Because I was unhappy with the shell, I had set the cardigan aside. This will be a wonderful twin set when finished, but not if I don't like it. So, I'm on board with my knitting again. Have tons (currently have enough stash for 15 pairs) of socks waiting in the wings and life continues. Will be working on the blue dress tonight, while the Black Bean Stoup simmers and wait for JB to get home who will be late as one of the neighbors needs brakes yesterday! And I thought I procrastinated.


  1. OOOOHHHHHH...... love the yarn!

    Your top is fab!

  2. Love the top. I had to look back to see, but I believe that is Butterick B5046? Looks great!

  3. Gaylen, I really like that top. I think it's great. I love the contrast to it. What fabric did you use? Where's your post about what pattern and stuff?

  4. I love how that looks w/ the trim, it really makes the blouse.

  5. Oh I like that top! I wasn't sure when I saw the pattern but it is really cute made up, especially with the contrast trim.

  6. Love the top. It looks great.

    Hank is so cool! I bet he is amazing when the sun hits him.

    Oooo look at all that lovely yarn you have there. It would be hard to choose what to use first.

  7. Oh Tonia...hahaahah, the sun won't be hitting Mr Hank in Seattle! ;o)

    That top is great, G! and your hydrangeas look wonderful.

    Tell the houndies to send good health vibes Henry's way, please!!

  8. That top is fierce! I love everything about it. The sleeves, the colors, the piping. Wonderful.

  9.! He is neat! and the sock toes look like the flower is wearing shades! Cool yarn though, and nice photography!

    ttys (if I have service!)

  10. That is an awesome top!!! BUt I want to see it modeled on you.

    Love the yarn. I did some knitting on the airplane this week. Felt good! Can't wait to see what you start.

  11. Oooh fun yarn!
    Your socks are looking good.
    I haven't tried the two socks on circular needles yet. Is it hard?
    Oh and I really like the top you made. Very nice sewing!

  12. Love your top. Looks really nice!


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