August 14, 2007

Would It Surpise Any Of You . . .

to know that I managed to get groceries, put a decent meal on the table, guilt JB into vacuuming (which turned into rearranging furniture) and then watch The Closer? I did work on the Cami socks (2 socks on one super long circ, toe-up; which I am not enjoying) while watching The Closer - which was incredibly good. I did not make it downstairs to see the treadmill, much less climb on. Or do anything even vaguely sewing related. Tonight's dinner has some oven time, which I plan on spending downstairs. A little bit each night and I can feel like I'm accomplishing something. Carolyn - I will definitely look into online grocery shopping. I know that both Albertsons and Safeway offer it, but I've always wondered about the produce. So have never tried it. It would definitely cut down on the impulse crud buying. Claire - I'm a horrible friend and I'm sorry. I haven't called you all weekend. Hope you had a good time with the kids - I will get over to see your new floors before Hawaii. Promise. I am glad you understand. Claire, Camilla & Jessica - you all are right about dressing like the locals. Unfortunately, I've let myself gain back enough weight (about 15 pounds) that I'm not so sure how comfortable I'll be walking around in a swimsuit (or tank top) and sarong with my coworkers. After last year's office "retreat" to Disneyland a scrapbook was made which lives in the lobby of our office and tons of clients view it daily! On the other hand, I did pick up some cheap and cheaply made tanks at Wallyworld last weekend for wearing with print sarongs. Tonia - obviously not a better woman than you - didn't get half the list done. Well maybe half. Nicole - even not getting food wouldn't have been that devastating. We had enough food for dinner, it was just that JB wouldn't be able to eat today at work. I made lemon chicken with rice and snap peas. Yummy! Plus there were 4 dishes of left-overs put up so he can eat the rest of the week. Blogless Jessica (or as I saw on another blog - BlogFree!) - anyway, you've seen my house. With the houndies running around if I don't vacuum at least once every 3 days then I have fur floors (and I don't mean the type of wood!). Thanks so much gals for all your support. When I first started blogging I wasn't sure what I thought about it, but this sure wasn't it and I'm glad that this is what it is. You gals rock!!


  1. ohhh, i like that...blogfree. might have to steal that!
    Well G, i think you look GREAT...i am envious of your trim and slim upper body, so wear the tanktops with glee, and the sarongs, too....hang loose baby!

  2. Well at least you got half the list done. ;) It will always be there tomorrow right?

    Hopefully all the tropical storms and such in the Hawaii area will be gone by the time that you head out there.

    Yumm lemon chicken. Sounds like a great dinner.

  3. Gay - online grocery shopping is the absolute best thing the internet has thought up after sewing boards and sewing blogs! I have found that when I get produce it is fresher and better than anything I would pick out. I truly think they save the best produce for us online shoppers! *LOL* Well at least at my food store which is Stop & Shop, BTW. So give them a try! And the other thing I like about online food shopping is that I can put things in my cart and sign out. They hold the cart until I log back in...that way if I feel I've gone a little crazy I can delete things and if I've forgotten something I will add it. I RARELY step into the food store any more and I'm loving it!


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