August 26, 2007

Blue Dress

This is the final Version of Simplicity 3877. This is the same as The Pink Dress that I didn't love and sent to live in Connecticut with The Princess. Beauregard decided that I needed some help modeling the dress. I have to say, I don't know what it is about this dress, maybe it's using cotton fabric. I absolutely love the poly wrap version of this dress. Apparently, the cotton doesn't necessarily make me love it.
When I finished it last night and put in on "The Dummy" (all I can hear is Louis Armstrong's version of that song) I thought it was awful. So, when we got home from the races today, I tried it on and it's better. I was goofing off trying to get a decent picture of my face - didn't work so well, but you get the idea. I like the dress much better on me than The Dummy. This will be the last version.
For now, I'm off to shorten the last top and make a pair of capris from the same pattern. Hopefully that will be the right look.


  1. The dress is very cute. You did a great job.

  2. What a pretty dress! I love the contrasting bands and sash. You look great in it.

  3. Love the dress. And it has a swing factor too. It must be very comfortable to wear.

  4. I like it! It's cute on you and I like that you did the contrast band and sash. Beau is cute - I love how they just need to be right there.

  5. This version of the dress looks just right on you! I really like it!


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