August 7, 2007

Damn Third Socks!

I don't know what my problem is. There truly are only two socks in a pair. But for some reason I feel compelled to knit 3 each and every time! I started the first little monkey on July 4th. Love the way it turned out! But then I didn't start the second sock right away. For some reason, while working on the second sock, I was consciously thinking that I needed to knit tighter! I know that I knit loosely, and I have already compensated for that by dropping a needle size - I knit these socks on US 0's. I don't think I need to think about knitting tighter!
As you can see - the second sock is significantly smaller than the first. So, this is what happened to the second sock. I unworked a beautiful grafted heel and then introduced the sock to the ball winder. They were fast friends.
Even though the yarn now looks like this, I couldn't bring myself to start that devious little monkey again. Instead I worked on a dishrag and my lace wrap (which has been sadly ignored for weeks!)
Happy knitting everyone - I hope you are all having more luck beating your knitting into submission than I am - ;}


  1. Oh, no! I can't believe you frogged it!!! :)

  2. if you scroll clear down in my blog. to the very first picture I got to post. you'll see my FIL's feet in the Meilenweit socks I knitted him... I had to rip the first sock back to the gusset and re-knit it tighter. This particular pair was knit on 2mm needles, 10.25 sts and 12.5 rows/inch. I had knitted the second sock "under the gun" and was really stressed about completing it in time(they were coming to visit). This is when I developed a hole in the side of my left index finger, from the pointy-pointy dpns. NOW, if it really matters, two-at-once is the way to go. Magic loop, crafty-mama... you'd love it if you gave it a go... promise! Cami


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