August 15, 2007

Crazy Making

That's what I'm doing to myself. Sorry about another photo-less post. Pictures tomorrow! Promise. Tuesday evening JB decided that we had to put the hard top back on The Princess' jeep. It's currently parked at our house for the next year. So, I hung around waiting for that. It's quite the job for just the two of us to do. That top is heavy, but it is suppose to rain any day now. After getting that done, I left him to his own devices, got my socks and sat in the sun in the front yard and knit for a half hour or so. Then I went in and cooked dinner. After dinner, when Beau wouldn't settle I went downstairs and finished up the top I was working on. It's now done - buttons, button holes everything and hanging on the double (who needs a name, but since 'she/it' doesn't have a head, so naming her is rather creepy). Anyway . . . This morning I ironed the fabric for the blue dress and decided on the sleeve treatment to get another dose of the dark blue in the dress for an "odd" number of occurrences. Tonight is Knitting in the Garden at Great Yarns. So this morning I gathered all my unfinished knitting projects - 2 summer sweaters from last year, one just appears to need the ends woven in and the other needs to be blocked and the side seams sewn. I think I was waiting to block it before I sewed it, but I'm over that now. The other two UFOs are the lattice and lace cardigan I worked on in Arizona this May. All the parts and pieces are done - blocking, sewing up and finishing - buttons bands, neckband, etc. And the raspberry chocolate twinset. I fell out of the love with this one because I didn't understand the instructions on the neck edge of the tank. So, when I put the neck border on - it looks like crap. Well why finish the cardigan when then tank looks crappy? So I have those pieces in the bag and I'll try to get help. Even if it means ripping and re-knitting. I am not afraid. On top of that I have the dreaded toe up socks and the lace stole in my bag. Do you think I have enough to keep busy tonight?


  1. Weds are my knitting night too... at :)

  2. I can safely say that you should have plenty of things to work on. Now the question is are they things that you want to work on. ;)

  3. OMG mom! no wonder you are always running around like a headless chicken!! Maybe I should be glad to be on the opposite coast! With your to do list and your pile of unfinished garments, maybe you should take knit night off or order pizza so you can get some of your stuff done! No wonder I am so neurotic!!

    Oh well, I love you anyway! Have fun and don't make yourself too crazy!!!

    love you!
    -K :)

  4. Well, thanks for giving me a mission. Your headless lady is GOING to have a name soon. this is just unacceptable. ;o)


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