August 13, 2007


I'm sure that's not spelled right, but that's exactly how I feel. Just basically out of sorts. I still need to get in to see the doctor. I've been saying it for months - now it's time to do it. I'm exhausted. Not anemic, can't keep my eyes open exhausted, just no energy to do anything still super tired when I get up exhausted. I have so much I want to do and so much that I have to do that I'm paralyzed and nothing is getting done. Ever feel like that? I have exactly 3 free days between now and when we go to Hawaii. I would like to get at least one of the dresses on my list made - but I can't even manage to finish the super simple top I cut out the 28th of July. Maybe tonight. I'll it needs is the binding finished. On my To Do List for tonight: *Have work meeting starting at 4:00 (which translates into not leaving work until almost 6). *Stop and buy groceries on the way home (or we don't eat for the rest of the week) *Put groceries away and start dinner *Vacuum while dinner is cooking (nope Bonnie, I never got to it yesterday!) *Would like to log some miles on the treadmill with my book *put the binding on the top *cut out the blue dress (just like the pink dress, but hopefully not so blah) *Watch The Closer. Since I won't even leave work until 6:00 (most likely) and The Closer starts at 9:00 anyone want to take bets on how much of that I get done? Any you might ask why I only have 3 free days? Well this week I work 5 days and this weekend we have Mariner's tickets, so knitting time, but no sewing. The game is an afternoon game so that takes up the majority of the day. The next week I work 4 days so I have Friday and Saturday to myself, although Saturday is poker again and I'll have to make sure the house is clean. Then on Sunday we're headed down to the horse races. Again, plenty of knitting time, but I can't really doing any sewing there! Then we leave in the morning on the 30th. Okay - I'm off to call the hairdresser and see if I can get in to get the grey washed out of my hair before we leave! Oh, and I need to use the rest of my 'lunch hour' to plan my menu and grocery list so I know what I'm buying tonight!


  1. If you get all that done tonight you are a much better woman than I am.

    Hope that you can get more done than you think.

  2. good Lord, woman! Have dinner delivered, or grab take-out on your way home. Fake a migraine to get out "on time" and remember, all you *really* need is clean underpants and a toothbrush. (Poker? how'bout by candlelight this time?) you'll want to wear the local garb when you get to the islands anyway, so just pack a dinner dress & strappy sandals. I don't want you flying off to vay-cay exhausted, darlin'! I do hope you have a wonderful time. The shop officially opens in 39 hours, 51 min. (it's 7:09 pm.est here now) so if things get too crazy by you, just fly out here instead! I could use the help... or an audience for one of my patented 'flip-outs'...*wink* Cami

  3. Laughing about the vacuuming. I "tried" to picked my vacuum up tonight but alas, traffic was too heavy so I couldn't get there by 6. Darn the luck. Maybe tomorrow.

    You, my dear, are overworking yourself and trying to get more done than is possible. Pare down that "to do" list so you don't feel bad about not finishing it!I'm betting that is why you are not just physically tired but also mentally exhausted. I'm sure your daughter's trip east has added to your tension.

    You definitely need a re-charge day or couple days. Hugs to you!

  4. Gay ~ I don't food shop anymore. My local grocery store offers online shopping. You pick out the food online, set up a time for delivery and put your credit card in. The food shows up at the time it says and then my card is charged a few days later - loves it! Maybe they have something like that on the West Coast 'cause I can't believe we got something on the East Coast first!?! Hope you get everything done...and watch The Closer - this episode was soooo good!

  5. Carolyn's idea is great - online grocery shopping. Easy peasy, but I've not done it yet.

    For Hawaii, all you need is what Cami said - just take an extra $50 and buy five sarongs. You'll live in those with your bathing suit and sandals. Trust me. My last trip to Hawaii I worked so hard to make an entire wardrobe and hardly wore any of it.

  6. Just remember, nothing will be so devasting if you don't finish everything... well, just make sure you get the food, lol!

    Hang in there!

  7. when i was on my honeymoon in Hawaii, and wearing the bathing suit and sarong and BAREFEET everywhere, i thought "why don't we dress like this on the mainland?". And then, the following week, i returned home to Seattle, in March, and remembered why.
    CHILL my dear, the vacuuming will wait!!!! And yes, groceries and dinner delivered are excellent options!


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