August 10, 2007

Cass is Having a Contest! {and other stuff}

You should go play - it's fun and there are good prizes. See my previous post - she sends good stuff!!! Post #222 Contest because she's running with a 2 theme - Cass wants to know what you 2 favorite blogs are, 2 favorite knitting books, and finally your 2 favorite patterns. Miss Cass is a humorous blogger - mostly laughing at herself and the antics of her family. The trials of being a vegan knitter (although I understand that's getting easier). If you follow my links to enter her contest - please tell her I sent you (I'll get another entry - and frankly - I'm a prize whore {don't tell JB}). In Princess news - she got lost yesterday. Her blog is funny too. Today is my Friday off. I plan to run errands first thing and then come home and sew! No distractions, just the tv, the dogs laying around and my sewing machine. I have one top cut out and have to get working on that list of sewing to get done, especially with Maui on the horizon! Anyone know what the weather is like in Maui at the end of August?


  1. First, you HAVE to come have coffee with me today and see my floors!

    Second, here's a link to a Maui web cam - right where you will be staying.

    Third, I'd join the contest, but I don't knit - YET. That's certainly on the agenda cuz you guys have way too much fun.

  2. You Prize whore!! haha
    maybe i'll go enter her 2 thing, but I only know your blog, and I only know the scarf knitting book...and I don't have a favorite you should tell me some and then I can enter with your name, and what-not, maybe then you can get another prize! (you whore!) j/k

    love you!

  3. LOL The Princess should get an entry just for being The Princess! :)

    G your gift came today, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was such a welcome treat.

  4. Oooo Maui. Can I hide in your suitcase? LOL

    Hope that the Princess can find her barings soon in the new town.

  5. Hi Gaylen,
    Cass sent me over to say high and wish you good luck in the HappyYarn Hag contest!


  6. Maui in August is like Maui in May, June, July and September. Warm, tropical. Highs in the high 80's, perhaps low 90's. Lows at night in the low-mid 70s.

    However, if you decide to go up to see the sunrise on Haleakala, it is COLD up there. (Temps in the 30's). But, don't pack a winter coat -- too bulky. Just go with a tour group, where they provide a coat for you.

    Have a great time. Haven't been there in ages -- I envy you! :-)

    (a former Kamaiiana, and sent here by Cass' blog contest to leave a comment!)


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