August 21, 2007

Oh How I Wish

I had been taking photos of the sock process all along. But no, and now it seems they are destined to go swimming. As many of you know, with Camilla's guidance I have been attempting to knit two socks on a singular circular needles (it's a long one) from the toe-up. I bought some pretty self-striping sock yarn, studied the cast on instructions from Knitty and got started. I was so tense the first couple of rows that absolutely no visible progress was being made at all. I also followed along with the instructions in the On Your Toes Socks by Ann Budd in the Summer 2007 Issue of Interweave Knits. Knowing JB and knowing that he likes a really snug sock, I added some all around ribbing around the arch. I have been trying the sock on my foot as well as his all along (this is the part I wish I had photographed). When I talked to Cami last week, she said you just knit until you reach the ankle bone. Well, finally on Sunday while knitting at the baseball game, I got far enough to figure out the heel (wasn't really that hard!) Although I don't love that just plain stockinette heel. Doesn't seem very strong to me - like JB will wear through it with one, maybe two, wearing. Yesterday, I finished both heels, and started working in the round around again. (Hey Cami - I have a big hole where I rejoined the yarns - any suggestions?) Anyway - I had him try the sock on again last night and even though I followed all the instructions they are a little bit short. According to JB - uncomfortably short. So - swimming they will go and I will go back to sewing - something I can generally accomplish without making the same thing 15 times before I get it right! Speaking of sewing - the blue dress is plugging right along and the top is on hold. Currently it's upstairs, so nothing will happen until it gets back downstairs. While I really enjoy sewing - I hate altering or redoing something that is finished. So, the end result of the top is debatable!


  1. I finally updated my blog...and at least if you get your sewing stuff done, you can work on your knitting on the plane...I hear its a long flight to Hawaii.

    Oh and I need to talk to you about thanksgiving. Call me on your way to work!

    Love ya!

  2. HI,
    hello from your super secret tea pal. I think I am going to have a lot of fun, I love sock knitting and have a basset hound too!

  3. I have had nothing but problems with socks that I have tried to knit toe up. It seems like they will fit fine the entire time then something pisses them off and they decide to shrink. It is relly anoying for sure. Hope you can find a solution.

  4. :o( i love the top...don't put it on hold for too long.

    Oh socks....i hate socks. I have finished two pair, and one is itchy, so just sits in the drawer. Jason asked for long socks....they are still on the needle, because you can only knit stockinette for so long before quietly losing your mind a little bit.

  5. That last stitch just neds to be knit through the back loop, and I always work through another loop as well, to snug things up. However, I'm usually getting 10.25 sts/", so snugging isn't usually an issue. DON'T FROG... just do some 'creative darning' at the end! Best of luck. XXOOXX Cami

  6. I am having trouble with mine too at the moment so I gave up for a while and will re try again later!


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