July 27, 2007

Stitch & Pitch 2007

The Princess went to the Ball Game with me last night. M and R from our LYS were also there along with R's boyfriend (who according to M whined all night). The photo is for JB who doesn't believe that I ever drink beer. Occasionally - I do. I drank about a 3rd of this one and The Princess who is now 21 drank the rest. We stood up for the 7th Inning Stretch and just couldn't be bothered to sit back down. We did actually get a fair bit of knitting done. At one point during the game, a local Fabric store was giving out gift bags to a certain row in the stadium. Well The Princess decided that she wanted one and she just went down to that row, sat down and collect 4 - one for each of us (See D - I told you, you shouldn't bail on us!!!). Don't feel bad - there were several empty seats in that row and lots of the women sitting there had more than one goodie bag. They were nice bags too, with nice little gifts.

Anyway - here is The Princess striking a muscle man pose with Captain Plastic who had earlier in the game, tripped going up the steps while trying to give her the "Hello." She thought he was creepy until she realized he was all about recycling.

I'd like to point out what The Princess is wearing. It's basically B5029. The same dress that Bonnie made here. She bought it at Nordstrom's half-yearly sale for $40. She loves it and it looks great on her. The difference between this dress and the pattern - the middle rouching doesn't seem to be loose - it's more fixed. If that makes any sense.

By the way - for anyone interested - the home team lost!


  1. Is that the other monkey at the game with you? Drunken monkeys? *snort* Look like y'all had fun. Hope your day ahead is fun and productive. Sadly, I will be painting... still. *sigh* Cami

  2. Ours was Monday night at the minor league team ... but I dind't go... lol

  3. Hi!

    my name is Nishanna (yarn hags!) and i just wanted to make sure you received my email. I have been getting bounce backs in my gmail so i wanted to confirm me email to you went though.

    nishanna.ramoutar at gmail dot com


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