August 17, 2007

Butterick 5046

These are the days when I really miss The Princess being around. Days when I am unsure and have to dress myself. Just ask her - this isn't necessarily something I'm good at. I knot - it's pathetic, but unfortunately true. Enough of that. So the pattern used for the green top is Butterick 5046. I previously made View A/E which can sorta been seen when we were at the baseball game. I wasn't super happy with that top, although it's comfortable. But because of the length, I really felt like it was pulling on my hips when I sat down. So, for this version, I did a couple of things differently. For starters - I made the shoulders/armholes a size smaller. I left the
swayback/short waist adjustment in place on the upper back piece and didn't move it to the skirt portion - although I thought it might do better there. I also added just the smallest (1/2") bit of additional ease at the hips and redrew the side seam of the skirt portions. The other differences, this time I actually made buttonholes. On the first version I put a skirt hook on the inside of the wrap and a couple of snaps on the other side. While I'm wearing this - I notice that while sitting down, the overlap portion gaps out a little bit. For some reason this version seams a little lower cut than the last version - so thankfully I have a tank on under it. I believe that a snap right on the corner will solve the gapping issue. Also, since there is no closure on the inside - I feel like the underlap is sagging.
Quite frankly, I'm not loving the photos. I think the combination of the longer, fuller top and then the skinny pants really accentuates my hips (I'm not looking for compliments, rather honest opinions). Please, I swear you won't hurt my feelings if you say - Man, that outfit makes your hips look huge! I know - they are baby producing hips. So, anyway, the question then becomes - what do you wear with a top like this? Longer pants, fuller? See why I needed The Princess to get dressed this morning?


  1. I think your top is lovely! I love the color combination. I like how it looks with the skinny pants. I have trouble deciding what to wear too-my husband is not much help as a fashion consultant.

  2. So... What I see going on is that the hemline of this top is hitting you right at your widest point. No wonder it makes you feel as if it is accentuating your hips. It is. I think if you shortened it by about 2 or 3 inches, you'd like it much more. That would alos mean shortening the sleeves, I think otherwise the sleeves will taper and hit right at the hem of the top - although that might not lok too bad. I really like the buttons and the contrast. The other alternative is try making this in a more flowy knit fabric. The overlap I think is intended to gape some when you sit. That's the joy of it.

    I think if you shorten it, with the crop pants it will look just great.

  3. I think you should try it with jeans to balance it out. skinny-ish jeans would be very cute with it. I think the capris just don't work, and draw your eyes down, right where you don't want them. but the top is tres cute, and I love the waist detail.

  4. I am a jean and t-shirt person so I am no help in the fashion department. I do love the top though. It is way cute.

  5. It looks more like the color than the design. The sleeves do add to the width, but I think, only when you're standing still and your arms are at your side. But since you're a woman on the go, I doubt it would be noticed.

    The white (off white?) of the top and the black of the capris are not great combinations. The contrast is too sharp. On the capris, the black and the cut are visually slimming, making the top's hemline wider than it really is--picture a lampshade. The top is lovely and is a keeper, but the capris have got to go. Maybe bottoms in the same color group as the binding? Too matchy matchy? How about something light and natural?

    The picture on the pattern gives a clue. Perhaps the bottoms should be drapey, should pass the knee and fall straight down from your hips.

    Or maybe bring the cut of the top's hemline further down with a skirt that is above the knee with lots of swing. The skirt would draw more attention to your legs, and you've got a very nice pair... ahem.

  6. I think a lighter colored pant, that goes at least to the calf...and not super skinny.
    I love the top though!!

  7. Gay - I'm with Claire. The top is hitting you at the widest part of your hips. To be happy with the top you are going to have to shorten it and the sleeves. Let us know what you decide because other than that its a great top!

  8. I still really like this top. I see what you mean though.

    I agree with both of the points made in earlier comments - the top hits you at a bad spot AND it doesn't look good with capris. Any chance you have additional fabric? If so, I like the idea of lengthening it to mid-thigh length. If not, shortening it would work.

    I like the idea of pairing it with a skinnier pant in a light brown or taupe (hard to tell what color the trim is.)

  9. ok, so I think that if you go with more of a wide leg trouser pant in denim (not light denim, but medium or dark) would be good, or in a camel colored kakhi or olive (same style pant). I know you don't own anything like this, I would loan you something, but it might take you too long to return it! :)
    Also the idea of a full skirt would be good...similar colors as listed above.

    I miss you too!

  10. I really love the top! I think I am with the others in suggesting that a different pair of pants would help with the visual effect. The capris pants don't seem to be the right match--but the top is great!

  11. Gaylen, I will have to agree with Stacy and Clinton on the pant issue. A skinny leg pant does not necessarily make one look skinny. Your pants should fall straight from the hips not give you the "Y" shape a very skinny pant does. I would suggest a longer capri length, with a straighter leg to balance out your hips. And, I also agree that the top could be shorter. Once you make a better fitting pair of capris (Debbie Cook of 'Stitches and Seams' is the capri queen, try on the top and make your final length decision. The length issue is also a problem with me.

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