July 15, 2007

Sunday Shape Up

Okay - so yesterday while I blog surfing, I read in Sharon's blog that I was encouraging her to get out and walk more. Then this morning, I got a comment from Marji that she was interested in playing too (I couldn't find your email address anywhere). So, as soon as I get a little housework done and make an attempt to cool our un-airconditioned home, I'll figure out the little add your blog list I referenced in my Wanna Play post. Edited to Add - I found where you add the list thing, but I don't know how to make it work. So, since you all can't actually post on my blog, let's do this. You post your Sunday Shape Up on your own blog and leave a comment. I will check comments periodically on Sunday and update my post to link to your post. Will that work? Anyway, My thought is to have a Sunday Shape Up check in and I'll be happy to host it here. I don't really want another blog to maintain, but if Marji or Sharon are interested, I'll be happy to post there too. Finally, I thought we could list our steps per day (I haven't been wearing my pedo since early June, time to start again), any other steps you are taking to shape-up (I plan on getting back on the Ball and Treadmill) and a weigh in if you wish to. Even if you don't want to post your weigh in to the public, I would suggest that you weigh in weekly (old weight watchers habits die hard). Okay - I'm off to take a cool shower, find a fan, then do some more laundry and head downstairs to the sewing room, where it is much cooler!!


  1. You know what, I would love to be a part of this group also. I have been really walking and working on healthy eating for several months now. It is starting to pay off!

  2. I love your idea of a Sunday Shape Up check in Gaylen! Although I haven't weighed myself in years (probably since Weight Watchers in fact) I'll skip that part. So I guess I better actually do some exercise today :-)

  3. I will try to join in, but until I get the final diagnosis and treatment plan from the doc, my participation surely won't be the 10,000 steps a day we agreed to earlier. I just can't do it physically. But I'm doing every little bit I can.

    Does this mean though that I have to buy a scale? I haven't owned a scale in years.

  4. I'm in, but not until August 2. I am taking a vacation to celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday and I intend on having dinner at my favorite restaurant. I'll start weighing myself after that. I need someplace to be accountable to seeing how since school ended my gym time has reduced greatly. I still need to lose a whole lot more weight. Thanks for setting this up.

  5. I've been trying to make myself exercise regularly so count me in, G!


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