July 12, 2007

My Husband's Better Than Yours!

So last night I went to Great Yarns for knitting in the garden and the Bear Kick Off Party. There were significantly less people there this year, but fun was still had. I did not bring stuff to work on Bear clothing, but I did bring a couple of bears home and will make them some cute clothing. Upon arriving home - I came in the front door instead of through the garage. so I had a minute to come in before the dogs all figured out where I was. Beau found me and I reach down to rub his head - wet! Silly dog must have run through the pool again and just came back into the house. The Lucy came over - wet, Dudley - wet, Abigail - well she was wet too! Because it was so warm out yesterday (my car said 103* when I got off work - really it was in the 90s), JB decided to give the dogs a bath because it was still warm enough they could dry. He washed them all, cleaned their fountain, cleaned their pool and then took all 4 dogs for a walk to help them dry in the heat before he turned them loose so they weren't soaked and rolling in the dirt! So I have 4 clean dogs - who now are shedding like mad! But I guess you can't have everything - right? funny story about the bears. I just tucked them into the top of my bag. When I got home, I put my bag on a dining room chair and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Beau comes strutting into the kitchen with a bear in his mouth - totally proud of himself. Silly dog - those bears aren't toys!


  1. I loved reading your story Gaylen about the dog baths, bears, and Beau with bear!

  2. I am SO jealous.... can I borrow your husband??

  3. Yea, I got me one of those great husbands too :-)

    Love the story about Beau, I can just picture him strutting around with the bear in his mouth. I have to hide any stuffed animal or doll that is brought into this house because she thinks its a new toy for her.

  4. our Siamese is the toy thief around these parts. Her previous life was spent locked up at a dance studio, with only stuffies for entertainment. She would chew them apart, so severe was her 'dysfunction'. Happily, she now just has one 'fav' who still has his beans inside. Poor Beau, did all the work of finding himself a 'luvvie' and didn't get to keep it? Even though he 'spit saved' it? Cami


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