July 8, 2007

How Big of an Idiot am I - Part 2

Well here's a progress report on my lace wrap. I have been working and working on it in bits and pieces. I finally got past my issues with rows 5 and 6. For some reason I was doing something wrong and would end up with the wrong stitch count on row 6 every time. As I finishing up with the final row 16 of the border yesterday, I realized that instead of working the right border and then the left border 5 times across the width of the wrap - I was just working the left border. I was trying to decide if I should rip it and start over or not. My friend D and I had been talking about entering handknits in the Fair this year and I was considering this piece of lace. When I noticed that somewhere in the middle of the 3rd pattern repeat I lost count of my rows and knit the same 2 rows twice. I'm sure you can't tell - but I have my finger pointing at the f'd up spot. I can't believe I did that! Maybe I'm not meant to knit lace - I will win if it kills me. Also, I wasn't keeping track of the rows with any sort of system. I was just trying to remember where I was at. Obviously that wasn't working for me. So as soon as I got up this morning (after taking the above pictures) this is what I did. Yep! I ripped it out again! I will dedicate a row counter to this project and work on when I am able to pay more attention. I won't guarantee that it will be done for entry in the fair - but at least the borders will be right now! Since there was no knitting going on this morning. I grabbed my dress which still needed handsewing and all the dogs toys that needed mending. I started on the toys and this is what I got to deal with. Lucy, laying as close as she could get just waiting for me to finish with each toy. She really didn't care what it was - she just wanted it. Beau is on the bed behind her.
This is the look that Beau gave me when he saw that his 'big bear' was next. He was licking his lips - just waiting for me to be done. Of course, big bear got thrown to the ground when I was mending hedgie - only because Lucy wanted it and he wanted it so he could tease her! MEN!


  1. Awwww, bloodhounds do the best pleading looks!

  2. Hey, so you sew up all the wounds too, huh??? Its a vicious cycle in our house... sew 'em up, last a bit, sew 'em up again... things become headless... things become unidentifiable... lol

  3. I am so far behind on blog reading. Just wanted to say that this lace wrap looks good. I am not a knitter so I am always impressed with those who can knit and crochet!


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