July 2, 2007

Photograpic Proof

See, I actually do sew. Lately I've felt a lot like Marji when she states "just as soon as I recover some sewing mojo, which has just Vanished into thin air. Anyone seen my sewing mojo floating around?" I have felt exactly the same way. Friday afternoon I was at home and the sewing machine was calling my name. I had cut out Simplicity 3774 before we even left for vacation in May. I traced a 14 through the bust, tapering to a 16 at the waist out to a 20 through the hip! I made an adjustment to the back pieces for a sway back - taking just a 1/2" out of the center back per Nancy Zeiman's Fitting Finesse. I made view A, but added the cap sleeve rather than the longer, full sleeve. Next time, I will need to adjust the bust dart. Since this pattern has a waist band, the dart is really short and wide. For me, it's still too long. I may try to divide it into more than one dart.
Also, and this makes no sense to me at all. But the pattern instructions have you self-line the bodice and waist pieces. But you sew them together then attach the sleeve. Well, if you have two pieces, why wouldn't you sandwich the sleeve seam between the two? That's what I did, then turned under the seam allowance on the lining and handstitched in place. I will do the same thing to hide the skirt seam. (Again, not done on the pattern.) This dress fits okay and feels very feminine. All that I have left to do is the final handsewing - attaching the lining to the zipper and the skirt seam. I will need to add a hook and eye at the top of the zipper and hem it. But it's fun and will get worn this Summer and into the Fall. Finally, on a knitting note - I have figured out the lace! Woo Hoo! I have 8 rows of the last border repeat and then I'm onto the center panel. Hopefully this will go faster. I gotta say - this little piece of tiny knitting is making my hurt like nobody's business! Here's a picture of the first wound ball and the remaining skein - isn't it pretty?


  1. like the dress, looking forward to seeing the FO on the knitting. The yarn is yummy!

  2. I just got this pattern. I have a fabric in mind for this dress. I have gotten hung up on adjusting a jacket pattern.


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