July 14, 2007

Poor Lucy!

Thursday while brushing all the newly loosened hair due to their recent baths. I noticed that Lucy was limping. Lucy is a good girl, she is so incredibly gentle with people and other dogs that aren't part of her family. I asked what was wrong and she walked right over to me, sat down and handed me her left front foot. We were outside and I couldn't see anything. So I brought her in the house and she laid down. JB and I started looking at her foot and she started screaming, pulling her foot away and even tried to snap at us. Her foot hurt! So, I cancelled all my Friday off plans and took her to the vet. She spent the day in the house with me and the other dogs just being quiet. The verdict is that she has a wart on the pad of her foot. However, she also has several contact and airborne allergies (including, grass, trees, and pollen), so she chews on her feet alot. We have given her allergy shots in the past, but they don't really alleviate the itching for her. Anyway - the vet can't tell right now if the she's limping because of the wart or because her foot is so raw from chewing on it. Our vet gave her a shot to stop the itching and Miss Lucy has to be coned until at least Tuesday. On the way home, we stopped by the pet store for some more cookies and I let Lucy pick a new toy. She's actually doing okay with the cone - even if she looks funny!


  1. Oh, poor Miss Lucy. She really looks like a sweet dog. I'm glad she let you know what the problem was and that you were able to get her in to see the vet right away. Looks like she's happy with her new toy!

  2. Poor Lucy! Hoping for a speedy recovery and distraction from the itchies with the new toy.

  3. Poor Lucy... my fur babies sends lots of WOOF WOOFS and licks.. get well soon!!!


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