May 30, 2007

Wanna Play?

So, yesterday I challenged Claire to walk 10,000 steps a day. Truly that is quite a bit. I'm not sure I'll be able to make it right off the bat! But then I remember the comments from last week and the support and others that are in the same boat - struggling with stay on track, forgetting to put themselves first - and I thought why not have a bunch of people play? So, who wants to join us? Randi had some blog posts on her lets get real monday topic that would let you add links of all the people playing. I would be willing to figure that out and have a weekly check-in. On the sewing related front - have you seen what the 3 bloggers on sewing vacation have been churning out? Go check them out - Carolyn is one of those on vacation and she's managed to produce 2 dresses and a jacket. That Jacket by the way is the one I have planned for the Jacket that Carolyn challenged me to make - it's been put aside until end of Summer/Fall sewing as I found a beautiful pink home dec fabric to make it out of. I will meet this challenge - just not before she gets it made. Of course, the other side of the challenge was that Carolyn make a Marfy! Linda (Danvillegirl) is also on vacation. She is in search of the perfect empire waist dress. She may have found it. Go check! Now! Finally, Sharon is on vacation. On top of helping her hubby with a honey-do list a mile long - she's managing to get a lot of sewing done! Personally - I got the polka-dot skirt attached to the top. I also managed to get the white ironed. This morning's 10-20-30 minutes of sewing will hopefully see the white skirt pieces cut and serged. Then tonight - assemble, insert zipper, and finish the last of the hand stitching. I'm starting to get tired of this dress and I'm second guessing my fabric choice. It was a very inexpensive piece of fabric from JoAnn's. Guess I'll have to wait to see once it's finished if it's going to work. If not, I learned some new things and tried a few new things too! Last weekend at the Memorial Day Sales I picked up the following patterns - all for .99 each! I made JoAnn's match the Hancocks .99 price and saved myself a trip :) First I got S4076 - I have seen this top on Claire in person and I love it! I really like the cross over version as well as the scoop neck top. I also picked up the Thread S3744, but no pictures anywhere. I saw this cute little pattern, and while the top is extremely similar to the pattern above, I like the raglan sleeve option as well as the knit dress. It may be time to finally break down and order some fabrics from Gorgeous Things or Marsha. Finally - 2 from McCalls. First up - M5430. I have wanted a true wrap skirt for years. I love the cascading ruffle where the front overlaps. The second pattern - M5434 - I'm loving option B, D, E the wrap jacket, skirt & top. Again - need to shop for high quality knits with great recovery.


  1. Gaylen ~ I am glad that you are feeling better...sometimes just having the day change helps alot. I like the new patterns that you bought and would like to see pictures of the dress. Maybe photographing it will help with viewing it differently. I have been doing that a lot this week and it is really helping with prospective.

    Thanks for the blog mentions...somehow seeing you write how many pieces I've made makes me think that I am not sewing enough! Crazy I know!

  2. Gaylen, I really like these patterns. I don't know how I missed the $.99 sale, but I did!

  3. for sure, I'll play. I need something/someone to challenge me to get off my Butt!
    Do you mean to have people check in on another blog set up for that purpose? That would be one way to encourage check-in! LIke a KAL or sew-along, but instead, a walk-about.

    And that jersey you linked to at TS is TDF!

    BTW, I saw an ad, Hobby Lobby (who knew?) has Simplicity at .99 right now.


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