July 18, 2007

Epiphany (why did it take me so long?)

So last night I had an Epiphany. Ever since I agreed to the JB purchase that new flat screen, wall mounted, plasma tv - my sewing time has drastically decreased. Between that and a laptop in the living room - well there is no need for him to ever come downstairs. Granted, I'm getting a little more knitting done - but sewing is severely limited - and I don't like it!!! Here is the list of what I still hope to get finished this Summer - Yea Right. The only good news is that here in the Pacific Northwest, I can easily wear Summer Dresses and skirts through October. I still love Simplicity 3877, even though the Pink Dress didn't work for me. So, I got this blue and white cotton (bottom) and the darker blue. My plan is to use the darker blue for the collar, the facing around the neck opening, and the sash. The rest of the dress will be the other print.
I got my ASG group's approval of B5046. I need to take the skirt in slightly and finish the armholes on the first version. The light green on left will be another top and the black and white is currently planned to be the dress. The pattern is already altered to fit, so this shouldn't be that difficult!
How about a quick, fun and funky skirt from my favorite Kwik Sew pattern? I love these prints and they will be fun to wear. I also bought some beaded trim which I plan to attach over the seam for easy removal later. The top portion of the skirt will be the boxy print on the top and the bottom border the green.
After that - B4978, the short version shown. The fabric on top is the main dress fabric and the greenish blue on the bottom - the lining. I love this fabric. It actually called to me and jumped into my basket when I was shopping. The biggest problem is that it's a sheer! UGH. But I can do this. I love the top in B4996. I have had the piece of teal blue poly silky in my fabric cupboard for years. I think I got it when The Princess was a baby! The other piece is new. The plan is to use the new piece as a wearable muslin and then make it again in the teal. This should add some much needed dressy work tops to my wardrobe - then I'll have to add some hand knit cardigans or learn how to make a lined jacket - but let's work on getting the tops done first!!! Another piece of lingering stash. I think this will make another great Garden Party dress. I hope I have enough fabric. The only change that Simplicity 3774 needs is a little bit more length added, so it isn't too short after hemming. Then I will need to go shopping for a great pair of sandals!

Everyone is talking about M5466. I generally don't wear straight skirts, but this dress has a full skirted version. This fabric is printed on the bias. I think they would work together and be perfect for starting Fall off on the right foot.

Other than leaving JB to his upstairs tv and computer and just sewing - anyone have any other ideas?


  1. Lots of great stuff. My studio is in the basement, too. Great for privacy & having my own room & all, but removed from the goings & comings of the rest of the family.

    I've brought up a small table with just my sewing machine & serger & put in the corner of my dining room for the rest of the summer. Like a sewing anex. Ha. Ultimately my goal is (obviously) to take over the entire house. One small step at a time.

  2. Nothing wrong with extra knitting time!

    Those fabrics are gorgeous... I wish I could sew...

  3. that purple bias plaid will be awesome for that dress!!! And that sheer teal plaid is so beautiful.

    Actually, I really like all your choices.

    Leave JB to the tv and hit the sewing room (mine is also in the basement and I really like having a place where I can escape.)

  4. That is quite a list.
    My sewing space is also in the basement, and dh also has a mondo-TV in the living room, but he doesn't like me going down to sew, he'd rather have me sit with him in the evening, so sometimes I get knitting done, and sometimes, like now, I sit with the laptop on my lap and type. On weekends during the day I can escape all day to the basement, but in the evenings, not so much,.

  5. Gaylen, I love all your sewing ideas and your fabrics. Can't wait to see your finished garments.

  6. Just popping in to say hi and wow! you *really* have a stack of to-do in the sewing room... guess I can't convince you to take up patchwork anytime soon. Hope things are cruising right along for you. Cami

  7. I have no suggestions but I too like your list of summer sewing that is yet to be made! And I am here with you, cheering you on to the finish line...hey I still have 8 more outfits to go myself!

  8. I definitely agree, there's more warm weather coming our way after all this week's rain. A summer dress and another summer blouse are still in the works for me!

  9. Ooooh I love fabric! I have such a wonderful time at the sewing store. My Favorite one is only a few blocks away from my favorite knitting store!

    Your dogs are so adorable!
    4 hounds! That is a lot of love and drool!
    I hope your Lucy baby heels soon, it is hard when the fur babies have to have surgery or get ill.
    Do you want me to put your name on the Dogs on Thursday list?


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