July 25, 2007

Some Friends are the Best!

Today, the little envelope that tells me I've got mail in my work email box popped up on the corner of my computer screen. UGH! I think - more work. Okkey - dokkey, I'll just hover my mouse over there and see what it is. Hmmm - not work, my good friend Claire checking in because I hadn't updated my blog, sent an email, or talked to her in a few days. It was nice knowing the someone cares. My life feels heavy right now. I don't know how to explain it other than heavy. The Musical One has moved out, but hasn't finished moving her stuff or cleaning her spaces. The Princess leaves on her next adventure in 12 days. She is moving to Connecticut to be a full-time live-in Nanny. I'm very excited for her and I'm sad. She is a good friend and a good kid. I will miss The Princess - although I will still talk to her and email her all the time. Wanna hear a great story about The Princess? Well she golfs with my father once a week. They started this when she was in 7th grade. Because grandpa didn't want to miss an changes in the golf schedule with the Princess - he finally broke down and got an answering machine. A couple of years later, he got a cell phone. The Princess, The Musical One and his long-time live-in girlfriend are the only ones who have the number. When Grandpa learned that The Princess was moving to the other Coast, he went out and bought a computer and got an email address. He asked her "if I send you an email every Monday at 11 a.m. will you get it then? It will be just like we're still golfing together." Did that bring a tear to your eye? I have been doing just the tiniest bit of sewing. Last week I helped The Princess cut the backing for her duvet cover and a couple mornings this week have been spent assembling said backing. I have been knitting. My Co-worker, JD2, demanded a baby hat when his SIL gave birth to a baby girl. Being the snotty person that I am - I knit the cutest baby socks (I'll post a photo soon). I hate being told what type of gift to make!!!! I worked on my lace shawl last week and am past the border and have the first 4 rows of the middle section done - can't tell what it looks like, but I have it done! Other than that, I've been sitting in the sun - reading! Thanks for noticing I was MIA Claire - I appreciate it :-}


  1. That's what friends are for! I know, you do that for me too.

    I understand the melancholy. As our daughters grow up and move on - as they should - the change is still sad and we have to mourn what was, even though what is to be holds so much promise.

    Can't wait to see the baby socks. I'd do the same thing.

  2. Gay, when someone is missing during the summer - I think vacation! I know everyone doesn't want to announce on their blog that they are headed away from home - never know who is lurking! So I honestly thought that was where you were.

    But the heaviness feeling...I sure do understand, my #1 Supreme is only with me for 2 more weeks and then she is moving to Charlotte. Not all the way across the country, but far enough that she can't just drop in anymore. So I totally understand!


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