July 26, 2007

Just Showing Off!

Camilla asked to see my version of Monkey. Until I figured out that I could knit my socks so they were really snug, I didn't particularly like wearing hand knit socks. I still don't like tall socks. So, I was really happy when Cara showed off her Baby Monkey's, and I shamelessly ripped it off! I made my first picot edge, did only 3 repeats of the lace pattern for the cuff. Then I did my own favorite heel. You can see I have a nice stripe of teal right around the instep. But the reality is that besides the 4 people who read my blog - who will ever notice that? This yarn is the Knit Picks Hawaii colorway that was already wound into cakes and sent to me Camilla.
I started the first sock on July 4th and got all the way to the heel before it was dark enough for fireworks. The sock then suffered. Got hauled back and forth to work in my bag, but rarely saw the light of day. The other day I pulled it out and finished it. I immediately cast on the second sock - but I've only got the picot edge done - maybe I'll take that to Stitch-n-Pitch tonight.
Here's a couple of pictures of the darling little baby socks that I knit for JD2's niece. I just love them. They tickled me to no end to make. They were fast and they have lace! Oh, and since they were for a baby - US2s! Yea Baby! Back to my nice shiny metal double point needles! Loved the whole process - a sock a day and I still went to my day job :) Just for reference I put one on top of one of my pink socks - size 9 foot here! Baby sock on top. Cute, no?
Now I'm going to go sew some snaps and a button on a top that has been laying about on my sewing table. I want to wear it today with some capris. I'm going casual at work - since I'm leaving there at 3 -3:30 for a dentist appointment and then heading downtown for Stitch-n-Pitch. Better get moving!!!


  1. I think I may have to ask you to show me how to knit socks. I envision a few pair of pretty baby blue socks for that new grandson I have coming soon. :) And then some cozy soft socks for MOI to wear across my new hardwood floors in the winter. Whatchathink? :)

  2. Yay for shorter socks! I'm doing the Cara inspired shorter Monkey as well.
    Cuffs always slouch down on me and that hides any pattern.
    And I like snug socks as well, but the difference between ankle and foot is pretty great (that's big for the ankles, small for the feet). With handknit socks I can decrease away until the foot is apprecialbly smaller than the ankle...
    Voila! Perfect fit!

  3. I think that no matter what anyone says - socks are fun and magical! I'd be happy to show you how!! g

  4. somebody better warn Claire how socks and bare floors don't mix... unless you've trained as a professional ice-dancer! *wink*
    Gaylen, I love what you've done with 'Hawaii'... it's sooo much happier on your foot than languishing in the stash. Glad you explained about the weird spot in the photo, just so, you know, we aren't thinking you live on a space-station or anything. Keep knitting. Other people's FOs are what drive me lately! Cami

  5. Oh I like your socks! Great work!


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