July 3, 2007

Mail Love

Remember Camilla from the comments? She cracks me up and her blog is pretty funny too. This is the first time I 'met her - and she just happened to be having a contest. Apparently, I actually knew the right answer - go check out this post. Well lookie what came in the mail from Camilla today? I was so freakin excited - a package on my counter! Now to find new sock patterns! Come this winter - I'll have the best dressed feet! Although they may look silly with my skirts ;} Anyway - those 2 cakes in the ziplock baggie. The note on the outside of the card says they are Knitpicks Hawaii. I don't know knitpicks. I tend to knit very loose, so what size needle would you suggest?

Here's a close up of the pretty yarn. The note says "P.S. I'm 'de-stashing' some personal stash, too - hope you don't mind the two balls of knitpicks 'Hawaii' I threw in!" How could anyone mind that? Thankfully, just Sunday night I grafted the last toe on my Trexing socks. JB - bless his heart - who rarely notices the small details. Took one look at my feet, which were wearing the newly finished socks, said they don't match. Nope - Fraternal Twins! I haven't made enough socks with these new fun yarns to know how to line the start up to make sure the pair comes out an exact match, but I like them anyway! They are nice and snug on my feet and because of that I love the way the little railroad ribbing pattern shows up. This is a super easy pattern and since I recently purchased Sensational Knitting Socks I learned a few new things too - like moving the stitches around on the needles so the top of the foot maintains the pattern when you divide for the heel and then moving them around again to have even number of stitches for the toe! Silly really - you think I could figure that out with out a book telling me it's okay! Anyway - back to the purpose of this post - Thank you Camilla! I love the package and the yarns.


  1. I love your socks. I never, ever, ever make my socks to match. Who is going to see them???!!! Life is too short to worry about things like that. I would rather concentrate on world peace. ;)

  2. Hey, glad you were willing to adopt the fiberlings... they were so lonely here! I never, ever knit a sock on anything other than a 2mm (size 0) needle, unless it's a boot sock, then I may go anywhere from a size 1, 1.5, or a 2 (which is only a 3mm needle. Boy, I really have quite a comfort zone, don't I?) toe-ups on addi Turbos tend to loosen up my knitting, but a tightly knit sock lasts much longer. And, ultimately, that is the goal, right? KnitPicks is a fun, knitty paradise for basic yarns at good prices, and they have free shipping on decent-sized orders. Ha! I'm plugging another yarnshop and trying to open my own at the same time. Paint fumes. I love the Doppleganger socks (I call all fraternals that, because one usually does become the 'evil' twin)You'll know which if/when one goes missing. Sneaky buggers. have a great evening, er, morning. Cami

  3. That Knitpicks yarn is loverly! What's the fiber content?


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