July 11, 2007

Just a Quick Check In

I've managed to do the handsewing on the dress from last week. I need to shorted the zipper using Summerset's technique for finishing the too long zipper. I just need The Princess to come over. I need her help with a couple of thing - however if I don't see her before Saturday, I'll have the girls at my ASG group help. The things I need help with are: 1~ getting a complete set of measurements (taken by someone else) to repadd out the dress form. She's a little bit bigger than I am. 2 ~ pinning up the hem on the dress. Of course if the dress form matched me, I could do it myself! Some day - soon. Last weekend I worked on this Butterick pattern. I really like the look of this top and I managed to find the exact fabric that they are showing in the View A/E - which is what I started with. I have it done to hand sewing. I really don't enjoy this part so why I am recently actually adding hand stitches that the patterns don't call for? Anyone? Here's my delima with this pattern. The length. My hips (like most women) are bigger than my waist. In my case, they are also bigger than my bust. I'm not sure that having a top that ends right around the fullest part of my anatomy is the most flattering way to go. Again - my ASG girls will come to the rescue. I'll take the digital camera and post photos afterwards. Tonight is Knitting in the Garden - with a twist. It's time for charity knitting again and tonight is the Bear Knitting kick off party. I posted about it last year, but I'm too lazy to go look it up. Now - I'm off to get ready for work. Pack my knitting back, figure out what I need to purchase tonight (nothing!) and go to work. See you all tomorrow ;}


  1. Thank you for the kind remarks... I don't know why, but the idea of an inter-office flip-out just tickles me to tears! I actually did that once too. I worked in a pediatric office as a medical assistant and just 'snapped' one day at one of the docs, an odious woman who had no business touching children. I may have possibly called her horrible names, told her she belonged in a barn, etc. and then I just left. Definately "employee of the month" material. Six months of Paxil later, I was good as new, and I've never worked at a crap-a** job since. I just hope I can 'do' this store thing.

    I like the pattern you're working on. my problem with patterns is the opposite of yours... think egg body, stick legs. Pretty hard to make anything look good on that! Off to buy more painting supplies. You will be amazed at the super-cool 'yarn barns' Kenny is building! Cami

  2. I like that pattern, although I would shorten it to hit just below the high hip - or maybe where your groin is. Having it flow from under bust to over the hips without flowing past into a skirt - to me - is just asking to look wider across the hips.

    And your hips AREN"T that big - would you stop it!! :)

    And have you lost weight? I thought we did a pretty good job of taking your measurements when I was there. Try dialing down the base dress form just a smidge and see if that helps.

    What fabric are you using for that top? Is it a knit? or a cotton?

  3. i like that pattern, but i understand your concerns. i would use a very drapey fabric. a fabric with any sort of stiffness will stand away from the body...like a tent...not a good look for anyone. :)


  4. Interesting pattern. Not seen this one. I like it.


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