August 9, 2007

Fun in the Mail

I'm starting to feel a little bit like Beki. While I haven't received a lot of fun in the mail - I have received some. I was so excited to receive this little box from Cass that I just ripped it open without taking pictures. The worst part of this is the camera was right behind the box on the kitchen counter. DOH! (By the way, click on Cass's link and go read about her ubberdog, Jess does it remind you of Fred?) I felt so bad for not taking pictures that I put everything back in the box and wouldn't look at it again until I did - take pictures that is. On the very top of the box was an envelope, inside a handwritten note on handmade paper. Beautiful! Under that - 2 different recipes for dog treats. The dogs have been waiting none too patiently for me to blog about this box already and make them treats! She also sent a large bone shaped cookie cutter (that's how the dogs knew it was for them!)
Next 2 skeins of Crazy Cotton in shades of brown, green and some pinks. This is wonderful yarn and feels very soft for cotton. Not sure what to do with it - but it will become something soon!
Finally, this wonderful skein of Zen Yarn Garden sock yarn in the colorway Butterscotch. If I can get out of work before the LYS closes today I plan on getting a 40" circular needle which according to Cami will let me try knitting 2 socks at the same time with a 'magic loop' method. Trust me, she will be getting tons of email and probably some cuss words directed at her, but she swears this means I'll only have to knit 2 socks to a pair - not three! If I get there tonight, then this hank will be introduced to my swift tonight as well!!
We shall see, because I'm now at the end of the "bunch of stuff" I had to blog about. For those who are interested, The Princess started a blog so we can keep track of her adventures. Go, see her, leave comments and tell her life will get better once she gets some sleep!


  1. What a nice thing to find in your mail - was that one of the swap packages? Love the yarn!
    Hey btw, I just added your blog link to my favorites on my blog sidebar (had actually thought I did that already... duh!)

  2. I added the Princess' blog to my blogroll, but I can't comment on it since I'm a Wordpress blog. Can you help her fix that? It's only allowing Google bloggers. Or else I'm dumb. =)

  3. Oh that is great loot!
    You know three socks is not a bad idea, like three mittens. when on wears out or gets lost; you'll have a spare.
    I also love your quilt in the previous post too.

  4. Wonderful box full of very nice yarns, love the color choices. Did you know Cass is having a contest? You'll want to visit...she's sitting on the porch knitting. :)
    Have fun with your new goodies...
    I can't wait to see the results.

  5. Found you from Cass's blog contest.

    Love the monkey socks. It is such a shame that they were different sizes.

    What a great package. I think I would have ripped it open too before taking pictures. ;)

  6. Hey Queen, the Princess wants to know how to turn off the thingy that lets her allow comments from anyone.
    I guess you are more computer savvy than the blogless me, too.

  7. Oh yes, that Vizsla is JUST like mine!!! Maybe it is a Vizsla thing??? Glad she got her yarn back, although, i wonder if SHE is glad she got her yarn back??
    Fred just likes to grab my yarn and run with it...thankfully he has not started to eat it.


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