November 2, 2008

Almost Wearable

Last weekend I got the green twin set cut. This weekend I sat down to work on it. Both pieces were remarkably easy. The sleeveless shell is KS 2948 (and yes, I probably will wear it inside the skirt). I have made both the turtleneck and the cardi from this pattern before. While I love the sleeveless turtleneck shell - I don't love the cardi in this pattern. The front really wants to stretch out of shape when the bands are applied. Also, I think the actual turtleneck is short - so I always lengthen it as much as I have room for. This time I added 4" to the pattern piece. In the first photo it is unfolded. I almost always wear a turtleneck unfolded and just scrunched about my neck. I like them that way :) The cardigan I used is a new pattern. It's the L.J. Designs Tortilla Jacket from her A La Mode line. I bought several of her patterns at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo several years ago. One skirt I made and wore to death, another skirt didn't work at all. I made the Margarita Shirt at the retreat (and you all haven't seen it yet) and then I just used this jacket pattern for the cardi to this twin set. While I don't have a large bust, to me, it appears that this could use a bust dart - just to take out some of the extra fabric under the arms. I thought the armholes were really low when I tried it on. Why is it almost wearable you ask? Well because I don't have any green wooly nylon and I don't feel like getting dressed to leave the house. I was dressed once today - I walked the dogs to the latte stand with JB, then I went out and took photos of the trees in our neighborhood. But then I was cold, so I took a shower and now I'm wearing flannel pants. I don't know about you - but I don't leave the house in flannel pants. So, the hems are pressed, the armholes turned and tomorrow on my home I'll stop and pick up green wooly nylon so I can finish these pieces up and move them to a closet upstairs. In the meantime, I think I'll make another quick top - or maybe a dog bed.


  1. That looks so cute! I like to wear turtle necks all scrunched, too.

  2. I used to wear my turtlenecks scrunched, and then all of a sudden last fall, no matter how loose they are, I feel choked. I wear mocks now...

  3. I love that color. I'm afraid of turtlenecks. I feel like I'm suffocating while putting them on, and can't stand the constricting fabric around my neck. (I'm claustrophobic.) Therefore, I freeze in winter. But I still love your color!


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