November 20, 2008


Cast on and started this pair of socks 3 times before getting the right combination of needle and stitches. I was almost done with them before I figured it out! Cast on 32 stitches - toe up, magic looping. Increased to 72 stitches. Heels and Toes are worked in Garter stitch.
The needles size that worked was a US00s (1.75mm) needle - tiny! The fabric is very firm, but the yarn itself is thin and scratchy - I might try soaking it in conditioner. Once I got the heel stitches on waste yarn (after thought heels), I worked about 12 rows of stockinette, then 6 rows of 2x2 rib, then 10 rows of stockinette to make the top roll - I also increased the needle size on the rolled edge until I was using a US2 for the cast off! These are gift socks for The Musical One (who I don't think reads here, but if she does, oh well - she did walk into the kitchen while we were taking the photos!). She said last year's socks drooped - so this year she got short socks. And the left over balls of this yarn - going in the trash!!


  1. Nothing worse than scratchy yarn. I like to knit with soft stuff! Pretty socks though...

  2. Scratchy is bad, although washing sometimes takes that away. I understand casting out these leftovers!

  3. cute socks. i'm sure the conditioner will improve the feel but so sorry you had to knit with scratchy yarn.


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