November 21, 2008

No Sew Dog Cushions

When you purchase your fleece - 2/3 yard is 24" and that will give you a cushion that has a finished size of between 18" - 20" wide.

First, even up the selvage edges. These are the edges that aren't cut. Then cut along the fold.

Fold in half so you have a piece that measures about 15" x 24". Most fleece is somewhere in the neighborhood of 45-60" wide. After cutting, you will have pieces of fleece. (If you want a bigger bed, skip this step and you will just get one bed out of 2/3 yard of fleece.)
I cut 'fringe' 2" deep, and it really wasn't deep enough to tie well. So cut, 3-4" deep fringe on all 4 sides. The corners will end up being extra.
All 4 corners gone and fringe cut all around.
Cut 2 layers of batting the size of the cushion, less the amount of fringe. So if you have a piece that measures 15" x 24" and cut 3" deep fringe all the way around, you would cut your batting 9" (15" - 6") x 18" (24" - 6").
Layer the pieces as follows: Fleece wrong side up, batting, Fleece wrong side down.
Take each piece of fringe, matching them up from the corner and tie them into knots.
One finished, no sew dog cushion - perfect for a small dog.


  1. I'm glad to see Chan has taken up the challenge and I'll post about it, too. Maybe we can get a lot of cozy beds for the homeless dogs this year.

  2. So, for Thor I'd need about 2 yards. He could really use a doggy bed, because of that arthritic leg, but he loves the cool tile floor in the kitchen. Fool dog! I do love your directions - you make it so easy!

  3. THANKS G!! i just called my local SPCA, and they are in need of fleece dog beds...SO, now that i have instructions to make them, i am making them and bringing them to 'em!! made my day!!!

    You are a FREAKING SAINT for putting this thought out there!!!! It is sooo cold right now in the North Country, those poor dogs and cats...ok...gotta go make these things so they can be put to use!

  4. Thanks! This is so simple and such a good reminder that the dogs need to be comfy and warm also. Except of silly Abby, who loves to be on the cold floor...goofy dog :-)

  5. My cats adore fleece! So far they've been content with folded blankets, but I think they'd love the cushions.

  6. Thanks for the tut! I know my dog appreciates his fleece blankets. I will try to whip up a few after the holidays and send them to you. I will send you a pm for your address.


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