November 14, 2008

Bonus Day Off

I know that November 11th is more than just a bonus day off - but working in the legal field, our policy is if the Courthouse is closed so is the office. So, it was also a bonus day off. I spent it by going grocery shopping and then hopping on the treadmill. I know - not very exciting. After that - I headed down in to the Studio and plugged in 27 Dresses. I am a sucker for a sappy romantic comedy and this one didn't fail. While watching the movie, I made JB's cotton PJ pants from the Eagles fabric that was finally delivered. I also go the second fleece jacket/shirt made up. This one used the left-over Eagles fleece as accent and black for the body. I added the length back to the body but took 3" out of the sleeves. I still had enough length to hem the sleeves 1", but JB didn't want the body hemmed at all. I put the pockets on the outside and fussy cut an Eagle out of the fabric and stitched it on the center back. This time I inserted a chunky white zipper. It was originally a separating zipper and was way to long for the application, but I shortened it and covered the cut end. JB really seemed to like it. He tried the jacket on when he got home, but he hasn't tried the pants on yet. In fact, when Corey (my trainer) got there last night, I was still sewing. I showed him the jacket and he asked if I could make a Raiders version.


  1. So are you going to make a jacket for your trainer?

  2. So Corey is not only a Raiders fan but a "G Marie Sews" fan?

    I like the fussy eagles cutout, too!


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