November 30, 2008

We Interupt this Deck

Last weekend The Princess and I moved furniture. What was the dining room is now the sitting room. The dining room window is now french doors.
Friday night my brother and I met JB at the door store. We picked out doors and hardware and asked them to rush our job through. They nicely agreed. As soon as we got home the boys got busy taking the window out. First the drywall was cut and removed, revealing electricity running under the window.
Holes were drilled in the floor and the electricity was rerouted.
The siding was removed from the outside of the house. The window was loosened. Insulation pulled out. Big messes were made.
The dogs got into the act. They really weren't sure what the big hole in the house was. The the remaining wall was removed. It has taken up residence on the deck.
The boys went to pick up the doors and the frame was installed. Finally the first door went in.
The second door was hung and all the hardware installed (see the construction mess on the deck?). Finally there are the doors. They still need the interior trim installed, but that's been purchased and should be done tomorrow. The brick moulding outside is already in place. Brother heads home tomorrow, but JB has Monday off so hopefully there will be more deck progress soon - it's almost done.


  1. oh, that is so cool! so, is the dining room now in the old sitting room with the wood stove? so glad you are putting that sitting room furniture out front and is so cool! Lovely job, i cannot wait to see it in person!

  2. I am sooo jealous!!! These are going to look so great with the new deck!

  3. I'm jealous too. Sissy would LOVE a whole in her house. I'd like to re-do our deck with steps to the dog pen below, replace the sliding glass door with french doors.

    BUT if the addition is coming in the next year, I'd rather wait and do a small deck off the new master suite with a doggy door into the dog pen. Would that not be luxury?! Just mumble and urge said dog out her own door...

  4. WOW!!!! I am impressed! This was a lot of work for one day, and the boys did great! Now the dogs are probably confused. You had put in a great doggie door, and you've now taken it away!

  5. Chica, your brother has a nice head of skin. *rawr* C

  6. the french doors look fabulous! that JB is a handy dandy guy. :)


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