November 15, 2008

Cami Comes Through

Just when I'm running out of mundane things to blog about - Miss C comes through in the clutch. Although I was expecting a box of fabric and patterns to whip up more shop samples. I promise not to send any more that aren't made from fabrics in your shop - sorry. Anyway - the first photo is a beautiful custom died frosted yarn cake in the Hydrangea colorway (scroll down). Next is the custom dyed fiber that she saved my hiney by making. I had contacted an indy-dyer on etsy who had said she could get me some Eagles sock yarn in time to knit it before his birthday. But then I didn't hear from her. So, I attempted to make my own. Big mess! Again - Cami to the rescue - this is what she dyed and sent. Finally, in a trade for some beautiful double pointed needles that I don't use - she sent some Trekking XXL in the Neapolitan colorway. So, I think I'll be making a pretty little ribbed sock - maybe I'll take it along as cruise knitting.


  1. that first one is packaged so beautifully. i would want to leave it just like that. :) the colors are amazing.

  2. Ah. NOW I see where the yarn in your header came from. Lovely.


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