November 17, 2008

JB Had a Helper

My friend and her little boy stopped by to bring me Boy Scouts Chocolate Popcorn. Little Man there wanted to come in the house and see my "noisy dogs" (Beau & Lucy were trying to break out the windows and get the strangers who were at our house). So, JB took Little Man around the back, onto the deck, and into the house through the kitchen. The noisy dogs didn't even see him come in. However, once Little Man saw construction - he was all over that instead. He walked along the board to get to the deck. He held the tape measure to figure out the length JB needed to cut boards, he helped stain the bottom of the boards, and he even pushed with a spatula to help set the gap while JB screwed the deck board down. He was a very happy Little Man and not so much when his mom said it was time to go. JB got a little bit farther than this when he ran out of lumber. Then he went out and mowed the leaves off the street.


  1. Adorable! What a great young man. (Does that mean my order from the BSA will come in this week? I wonder...)

    Love the new header too. What yarn?

  2. There's nothing like construction to fascinate boys both big and little. Who knows, your friend may stop by more often, so you two can visit and JB can have a helper! Nice deck progress so far.

  3. very sweet of jb to let him help.

  4. Gay - what a sweet guy! That is sooooo kewl that he allowed Little Man to help!

  5. Sounds like our little boy. He likes nothing better than to help his Daddy in the garage. :-)

  6. In picture one if you look closely enough, you can see that he actually has 2 helpers (I can see beau's tail, tee hee). And in picture two, I would just like to say that I think the color that they are lookin oh so cute painting together, looks really great against the wonderful green of the trees :)

    See you soon! :D


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