November 10, 2008

I'm Pretty Sure the Pattern Wasn't Right

So, this is the second hat. Again, I didn't follow the pattern exactly. However, this time I did increase to the 90 stitches called for. JB says it's too tight. It's also too long. But that's okay, it's meant to have a folded up 'cuff.' There is plenty of hat to do that and still keep ears warm.
JB thought it might fit Beau better than it fits him. Beau was a sport - but he didn't really like it. I think he was saying something about getting the hat off of him. JB tried tucking Beau's ears into the hat. He even put it on his nose - Beau really hated that. I don't know what the answer is - buy a hat?


  1. The picture with Beau should be made bigger for DOT! It's a riot!

  2. Shrink JB's head??? ;o)
    i LOVE that pic of Beau, he looks tres amused!

  3. Holy cow! Beau is HUGE! How have I never noticed this before? lol

  4. LOVE that photo of sweet Beau...

    I've never tried to fit a hat to any particular person, so I can't offer any advice.


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