November 18, 2008

Sunday Sewing

Puppy Love Plus some other cute fleece prints and a little bit of batting and a few hours of time. Several cute doggy pads in various sizes. To be donated to Old Dog Haven.
Beau - making sure they will work.


  1. What a kind thing to do! Erm, that's both your donations AND Beau's testing.

  2. That is so awesome! What a really cool project and I am sure much appreciated!!!

  3. So you and JB both had helpers! What a nice thing to do, and how kind of Beau to make sure they were up to par!

  4. And my fleece is still in the bag... I think I'm going to make coats out of the spotted fleece and beds out of the rest.

    These pads are super easy to make, and a huge help to OldDog Haven. Right now, they have 127 elderly dogs in foster care, and 95 in final refuge, which means they stay in the homes until they die. Lots of these guys are incontinent when they sleep, so washable pads are a plus. ANYONE can help make these, or coats for the elderly with poor hair coats or not much fat. I think you should do a challenge for this, not coffee or yarn!

  5. Yeah for you. I think it's great when we share our talents with those who need help.


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