October 4, 2008

Look What I Did

Finally! I took the skirt portion of the dress that I couldn't get right. I love the fabric (which totally didn't photograph well today). I had taken my favorite full skirt pattern - KS 3337 - and attached it to the dress' bodice. Well, last weekend, I unattached the skirt from the bodice. Because I had cut the back piece on the fold to make it work as a dress, I ripped the side back seam. I inserted an invisible zipper in to that seam. Salvaged some fabric from the bodice for a waistband, interfaced it, stitched, turn and done! Much better - and now it's actually wearable. Next weekend is the ASG Fall Sewing Retreat and I'll be gone for 3 days - sewing, chatting, knitting, eating, drinking and generally having fun. Now I need to spend the rest of the weekend and next week getting stuff cut and ready. (For the record, I still have 2 pink tops that I cut to sew at the Spring Retreat that aren't finished. Guess they'll get packed first.)


  1. I'm a little jealous that you are going to sew for an entire weekend...but are you packing any NY Fabric? *hint, hint*

  2. Nice save on the skirt! I love that fabric. I really need a sewing weekend, but life keeps getting in the way. Especially now that fall is here and I can smell winter coming, I've put away all my summer clothes, and feel so clothing deprived! Hope you have a lot of fun (and take Carolyn's hint to let some NY fabric go on the adventure...)!

  3. Yes, this may be the best version of that dress yet! Glad you are happy with it. It is great fabric.

    Enjoy your retreat!


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