August 3, 2008

Take Two

This is the second version of Butterick 5028. This time I used my favorite full skirt - Kwik Sew 3337. I graded the top down so the armholes were a size 14, I shortened the shoulder length and cut front piece with the edge 3/8" off the fold. I also lengthened the bodice by 1". It's still not perfect. I wore a cardigan over it all evening and it was perfect. But the front gapes and man do I have cleavage in this dress! Which is amazing because I normally don't have cleavage. Feels rather uncomfortable if you're not used to it. Although the camera doesn't lie - I feel skinny wearing this dress. Other than the issues with the bodice it is very comfortable to wear. I still need to find some new strappy heels. I don't like the look of the flip flops with the dress - but we were headed out and I knew we would be walking once we got downtown. These shoes were the best option other than wearing my Danskos.
Anyone have ideas on how to fix the back? I don't know what to do. I really like this dress and may attempt one more version. It's pretty distinctive so I can't have too many of the same style in the closet, but I would like to work out the back issues. I think it looks so much better with this skirt, rather than a full rectangle skirt. I love the look of a dress with a full skirt. Claire has been telling me to try a slimmer skirt. While I'm not sure I want to go pencil skirt slim, I do like the way this skirt looks and will attempt more pattern frankensteining.


  1. holy crap...CUTE skirt!!!

  2. This is much, much better! By slimmer skirt, I don't mean pencil straight, but lose the gathers around the waist. You and I have similar shapes and I've found that flat fabric off the hips flaring out just slightly works best. Also, soft drapey fabrics also slim the hips. This is looking really good. :) I like how you blended the two patterns. Not sure I know how to fix the back, though.

  3. Can you run the zipper up a little farther in the back, so the vee in the back isn't quite as deep? I like the line of this skirt, too. I agree with Claire that a skirt that fits pretty well to the hip and flairs out from there, with less gathers and fullness above the hip is slimming. I have some "full circle" skirts that make me look like I have a whale-sized gut. I like the softer fabrics, too; they give enough cling to make you look thinner, but still enough bounce to hide the lumps. This dress came out really well. Maybe just above the knee next time would be cute? You're a lot taller than me, but anything knee length or longer, unless it's formal length, makes me look like a fire hydrant (short and squat)!

  4. Go back to your post on the first dress. You stated there that you might just overlap the back sections more next time. Did you do that? I'm seeing too much fabric at your midback that needs either that extra overlap or someone to pin it on you 'til it fits the way you want, baste that fit together and then attach the skirt. Granted, that is harder with the side zipper application I think I see here. (I often have this problem with fitting this style dress to my daughter's shape.) I'm also thinking that the back pieces may be too long for your torso length so that would maybe make the overlap not line up raw edge to raw edge.

    I do love this skirt with the bodice. It is a great morph.

  5. You know better than to expect advice from me, but the front looks great!

  6. I like the top with the skirt also and I believe that Miriam has hit upon the answer...but here's the thing? Will you unpick it to make it fit? Or will you continue to wear a cardigan with it?


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