October 7, 2008

Like Shooting

Fish in a Barrel

We have an old oak wine barrel in our front yard. It purpose in life is to catch rain water.

There is a plug at the bottom, so JB can use the water - for watering.

However, standing water is prone to grow mosquitoes.
So, we add goldfish to all the water in our yard.
So, I was shooting fish in a barrel - but with the camera.


  1. Makes me wish I didn't have a closed rain barrel system.

  2. We're going to add fish to our water feature next year. It was too close to cold weather for my liking this year, but if we give them time to adjust, it should be okay...

  3. That's pretty funny. I guess your winters aren't quite as severe as ours, although the dime investment in a goldfish isn't much. They'd definitely freeze here - and the barrels would split.


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