October 18, 2008

Proof That I Collect Cookie Jars

I suppose technically anything you have more than 2 off qualifies as a collection. Here are the stoves in their natural habitat. 3 of them live on top of the fridge and one is hidden away.
This is the first stove I ever got. My mom gave it to me and her sister gave it to her as a wedding present. That makes this cookie jar 47 years old. Most of the original gold trim is worn away - because mom used it when we were kids. However, I do not use it. It has a hairline crack down the back and I'd like to keep it in one piece long enough to give my grandkids.
This was the second stove cookie jar I got. This was a gift from my sister. I don't know where she got it, but it is the one that gets used the most. That probably why the lid got dropped and the little tea pot that is the nob for lifting the lid for access to the cookies is chipped.
The next year, I got this one for Christmas. Again from my sister (this is because her and I decided I would collect stove shaped cookie jars - so she had the inside scoop). If any are an Aga - this would my guess.
The last one I have is one that my sister found at an antiques store. Unfortunately it arrived broken. JB started repairing it, but it hasn't been finished. It's sad, because it's a really pretty stove.


  1. Those are lovely!

    I've never actually even SEEN anything like that before! The rarity of such items are what make them so wonderful to collect, I think.

    I know a lady who once mentioned to her husband that she thinks frogs are cute. For the last ten years, every birthday, every christmas, every occasion, all she gets are frog-related items, from not only her husband, but from his ENTIRE FAMILY.

    Her house is...very froggy. And she stopped liking frogs years ago, but is afraid to tell anyone. :)

  2. What a great collection of cookie jars! I really like the stoves!

  3. Nope, not an AGA in sight. I may have seen one in a Cash's of Ireland catalog years ago... may have to do some snooping around. C

  4. Those are cute! I have a dinosaur cookie jar that I bought when we moved into this house, and also my plastic Tony the Tiger cookie jar, which I got with cereal box tops when I was 9. I used to laugh because Mark would put animal crackers in the Tony cookie jar, then pick it up and ride his little bike around the kitchen with his cookies when he was about 3.

  5. Those are adorable! What a fun thing to collect!

  6. Gosh girl we have waaaayyyy too much in common! I have a collection of cookie jars too but I NEVER let anyone touch them! ROTFLOL! I have 9 of them in my kitchen and living room...will have to take a picture of them someday and share! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stoves!


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